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About the company

Juniper Research specialise in providing best-in-class market research and business intelligence across 6 key sectors covering the mobile and online technology space, along with disruptive technologies that we see becoming mainstream in the next few years.

We offer in-depth reports, forecasts, tailored annual subscriptions and consultancy services. Our unique, interactive datasets allow you to generate forecasts based on multiple scenarios and our global clients include many Tier One operators and vendors; we enjoy a retention rate of over 90%.

Our research falls in to one of the following distinct specialist areas:

Commerce & Money: over the past 15 years, we have pioneered research in this dynamic sector and offer unrivalled insights in to contactless, payments, ticketing, coupons, wallets, banking and much more.

Content & Applications: monetising mobile and online markets such as games and OTT content is key for operators and ongoing concerns alike. With our breadth of knowledge in digital, we’re able to provide exceptional analysis.

Devices & Wearables: arguably the biggest growth area in technology, this is also happily another of our specialities, with one of the industry’s go-to analysts in our team of experts providing invaluable acumen on an ever-changing ecosystem.

Key Vertical Markets: the Internet of Things is the glue which holds together the next generation of our online world and our finger is firmly on its pulse and that of the associated health, smart homes and cities and telematics sectors.

Strategy & Competition:for operators and disruptive companies alike, the intelligence we have acquired over 15 years of expert analysis is essential for them to formulate the business models for their next 15 years.

Enabling Technologies: the technology in these areas such as 5G, augmented reality, cloud computing and biometrics is evolving at a staggering rate and could literally change the world we see today, but we can see the future?

Our work is quoted hundreds of times a day across the Internet and social media; the biggest media outlets across the globe use our insights to give authority to their reporting, while the biggest companies in the world use our intelligence to provide a foundation for announcing their own game‑changing developments.

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