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About the company

We live in a connected world, one that is moving ever closer towards total connectivity. Laird recognises that IoT has matured significantly and expanded massively in recent years and we understand the opportunity it offers organizations to transform their operations. Enterprise IoT is about safety, productivity and efficiency. Organizations are seeing measurable benefits from EIoT projects and some predict that by 2025 those that adopt EIoT extensively will be at least 10% more profitable than competitors that don’t.

Laird plays an integral role in helping shape EIoT in industry, transportation, healthcare and building infrastructure; we are focused on the optimization of assets, software systems, asset tracking and data management in dense, complex signal and extreme environments.

Energy standards and increasing competition are forcing transportation companies to even higher standards of efficiency and safety. Laird’s antenna systems are enabling organizations to locate and monitor their vehicles and in turn instruct them more effectively. It is estimated that effective fleet management can cut fuel costs by up to 25%, improve customer experience and help improve safety. In the rail sector we have combined our robust wireless technologies with new software platforms to enable rail operators to collect and store data in near real-time, driving productivity, cost savings, safety improvements and overall efficiencies and it has been reported that over the next 15 years the rail industry is looking to achieve savings of $27 billion globally.

With our dependency on 24 hour connectivity the expectation that the car will provide the same connected experience as at home or at work is ever more pervasive. The top 14 automotive manufacturers all have a connected-car strategy and Laird is helping many of those manufacturers build connectivity into their vehicles through our antenna and DSRC systems to enable in-vehicle data streaming. In order to have a fully connected car you have to have a connected highway, Laird’s antennas provide V2X connectivity up to 1km away. By allowing a vehicle to connect to the robust data-driven infrastructure around it, traffic congestion can be tackled and driver experience enhanced. The car is quickly becoming a hub for data gathering to increase safety and productivity. Some believe that by 2025 at least five countries will have set a ‘zero road fatalities’ target, relying on intelligent connected cars and smart road infrastructure to avoid and mitigate accidents.

EIoT is also revolutionising the world of sport and entertainment. The connected stadium promises to add an extra dimension to spectating by making the mobile device a central part of the action. Laird is using pioneering technology to fundamentally change how matches and concerts are experienced. Our antenna and RAMP radio systems ensure robust connectivity across multiple frequencies in high density environments. This means spectators can expect in-hand and streamlined access to video content, social media, advertisements and even real-time voting. It also allows venues to wirelessly update scoreboards and other stadium infrastructure. Analytical data is also vital for safety and can help drive a more robust exit and emergency procedure and allows the transfer of image and video content of any crime or accident quickly. Venues will be able to take advantage of this sophisticated spectator analytics to benefit both spectator and venue in an industry-changing way.

Laird is also helping to connect the medical world where the rising cost of health care is a major issue and there is need for increased efficiency. Our embedded Bluetooth modules and Wi-Fi enabled devices are helping gather information from thousands of medical devices to improve workflow and minimize errors. Laird’s technology improves accuracy and cuts down the time taken to enter vitals from 10 minutes to less than one minute per patient by automatically transferring patient records and real-time data to electronic health records. It also means nurses and doctors can monitor patients on the move or from home, increasing their productivity and leading to better patient outcomes.

The potential rewards for organizations that leverage EIoT technology are immense and it makes new products, business models and processes possible. As a global enabler of connectivity Laird is focused on helping its customers differentiate themselves through accelerating business performance, improving safety, minimizing risk and creating cost efficiencies.

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