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About the company

NomadiX Media is a specialist company occupying a unique space in the DOOH landscape. Operating at international level with licensed partners in France, Colombia, Brazil and South Africa, NomadiX Media offers patented and bespoke DOOH and measurement technologies used for face to face marketing campaigns, out of home advertising and event marketing. These products are designed to create maximum impact and on-the-move consumer reach, in high footfall areas. Each system is equipped to drive direct interaction via mobile, impressions and stand out where other fixed media simply won’t reach.

The growing appetite for on-the-move, on-demand information and the change in consumers’ media viewing consumption habits has led to a defragmentation of mass media. It has become harder than ever for marketers and brands to reach a broader audience and to justify spend. For commercial use, iWalker is the answer. As the world’s first wearable and fully mobile digital signage system, iWalker features a super bright overhead 19" LED screen fitted with advanced facial detection and audience measurement software.

Worn by brand ambassadors, each lightweight system is fully managed via remote digital signage software and displays advertising and marketing messages on the move with high quality sound included. iWalkers deliver an audience-centric approach to content, communication and data-capture, allowing for increased interactivity with the target market through the use of a range of plugs-in such as tablets, mobiles, games consoles and EPOS hardware. Additionally, iWalker facilitates the use of second-screen bridging technology, a solution that unites the viewing audience with powerful interactive on-screen content and sound. Through the incorporation of gamified advertising, live links are accessible via mobile handsets, enabling consumers to interact and share their digital brand experience. A range of pre-designed games are available, or bespoke games can be created to compliment a specific campaign. Games can feature as sole content or be placed alongside campaign imagery with a defined call to action, accessed via NFC, QR code or direct via a URL. For consumers, this new software means instant rewards at the point of influence. For retailers and brands, it offers a measurable way of interacting with a targeted audience on-the-move, with the added and all-important bonus of social media engagement.

NX1 is the most recent security variant of the iWalker, which operates a powerful computer system equipped with the latest biometric software and B6 algorithm. It’s high-quality camera allows for quick and accurate facial recognition based on watch lists and captured by covert CCTV. The NX1 can be utilised to display public safety messaging and interruptive messaging can be deployed remotely in any emergency situation for crowd control.

NomadiX iProjectors are exclusive hand-held projection systems. Designed to allow trained technicians to roam freely in high footfall areas, iProjector displays colourful advertising content through powerful visual and audio technology. When your target market are on the move, the iProjector is equipped to move with them, beaming video or static images onto buildings and making use of ambient space otherwise untouched by traditional media. iProjections provide cutting edge visual effects and interactive experiences for events, attractions, ambient media, guerrilla marketing and corporate environments.

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