Spearhead Interactive

Digital media and emergent technologies solutions provider

  • United Kingdom
  • Middlesbrough
  • 3D Design

About the company

Spearhead Interactive is an award winning digital media and emerging technology company based in North East England; creating innovative and pioneering solutions to solve global, cross-sector business challenges faced by public and private sector clients located around the world.

With a legacy going back to 2007, Spearhead Interactive primarily repurpose technology from the gaming industry to design, develop and deliver immersive and interactive software for businesses, educators and governments; across all sectors, grades and departments.

Solutions are created through a combination of software development, process visualisation and hardware deployment; integrating purposeful data and replicating meaningful activities with high quality 3D models of components, products, equipment, plants, sites, cities and countries in order to provide a context for information.

The ability to convey, understand and experience information in context enables improvements in efficiency and productivity across any area of operation, process or activity with additional savings in both time and cost. Software developed by Spearhead Interactive enables users to experience the educational, the amazing or the unavailable to explain, justify, de-risk, engage, entertain or test; providing complete access to any existing systems, documentation, media or sensor data for decision making or alerting.

Examples range from interactive assembly or operation guides for products, plant and equipment, to digital replicas of spaces and environments for training, education, exhibitions or sales / marketing.

Traditionally our software is accessed via the web; on PC / Mac computers; through mobile smartphone or tablet devices; or though secure, offline hardware; however Spearhead Interactive also operates at the bleeding edge of the Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and emerging technology sectors.

Partnerships and relationships with more than fifty hardware manufacturers enable us to meet any requirement using any combination of head mounted displays; 360° treadmills; body and finger tracking systems; haptic feedback devices; simulators; binaural and special audio systems; projection technology; special effects hardware; 360° video cameras; drones; 3D printers; and laser scanners. This in turn enables Spearhead Interactive to devise and deploy unique, cost-effective solutions that are specifically designed to have the highest possible impact based on the exact requirements of our clients