Entertainment in Brazil

Cloud and Hosting

Localizing your Software or Application for Brazil

This article gives you an understanding of the main aspects involved when localizing an application for the Brazilian market.


The Market for Video Games in Brazil

The market for video games in Brazil has expanded to the point where it has captured the attention of global manufacturers and publishers.


Production Studios in Brazil

Due to recent legislation, Brazilian audiovisual productions are expected to grow within the next few years across several platforms whilst production studios are already creating successful content


Taxation on OTT in Brazil

Over-The-Top services have been exponentially growing over the past few years in Brazil.


OTT services in Brazil

Each year, an increasing number of Brazilian consumers subscribe to digital content distribution services.


Where to Buy Game Network Subscriptions in Brazil

Many Brazilian online and physical stores offer the sale of subscriptions for gaming networks, such as Xbox Live and Playstation Network.


Most Popular Gaming Platforms in Brazil

The market for games in Brazil has grown exponentially over the last few years, offering opportunities for product manufacturers and distributors.


Internet Usage in Brazil

The way Brazilians use the internet has changed significantly in recent years, both in the way the web is accessed and what content is commonly searched for.


Music Streaming Services in Brazil

With the recent launch of popular music streaming services in Brazil the number of options for the public to consume music has expanded significantly.


Commercialisation of Games in Brazil

The gaming market in Brazil has grown significantly in recent years, leading publishers to adopt multiple payment methods to reach its public.


Overview of the Brazilian Game Production Industry

The game production industry is hardly a major sector in the Brazilian economy, but the potential for growth in this sector in the near future is undeniable.


TV Commerce in Brazil

Television has historically been a preferred media consumption platform for Brazilian customers, and recent developments have allowed these devices to offer purchase methods to its viewers.


Must-Carry Channels for Brazilian Subscription TV

In this article we will look at SeAC, the Brazilian subscription TV regulation, and what requisites it applies to companies in this sector.