Regional Requirements for E-commerce in Brazil

Brazilian states and cities regulations may apply specific measures towards product delivery, which online stores must be attentive to when operating in the country.

Online Advertising

Online Advertising Publications in Brazil

A number of media outlets in Brazil represent the most relevant periodicals covering the segment of online advertising.

Online Advertising

Targeting Car Buyers in Brazil

The Brazilian market for vehicles and accessories is one of the largest in the world, as these products remain a fundamental part of the country’s consumer culture.


E-commerce of Electronics in Brazil

The segment of electronics represents a significant part of the revenue stream for e-commerce in Brazil.


Where to Buy Game Network Subscriptions in Brazil

Many Brazilian online and physical stores offer the sale of subscriptions for gaming networks, such as Xbox Live and Playstation Network.

Mobile and Telecom

Spam Regulation in Brazil

The Brazilian government has developed a number of measures to regulate the traffic of spam.

Online Payment

Bitcoin Payment Acceptance in Brazil

In Brazil it is possible to use Bitcoin to pay for services ranging from construction services to hotel accommodation.


Largest Electronics Manufacturers in Manaus

The city of Manaus concentrates some of the largest and most important electronics manufacturers in Brazil.


Anatel Voltage Surge Requirements

Telecommunication equipment must endure demanding voltage surge resistance testing before being authorized to be used or sold in Brazil.

Mobile and Telecom

Overview of Internet Governance in Brazil

For Brazil, internet governance is more of a political issue.

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Largest Cybercrime Threats in Brazil

Year on year more Brazilians are becoming victims of cybercrimes, as these threats become more versatile and capable of reaching a wide scope of devices.


Shipping E-commerce Products in Brazil

E-commerce customers in Brazil have preferences for product shipping that must be taken into consideration by sellers and couriers.