Market Trends

Credit Card Acquirers in Brazil

The Brazilian market recently saw the introduction of new card acquirers due to regulatory changes in this sector.


Product Returns for Brazilian E-commerce

The Brazilian regulation for e-commerce institutes specific measures for the handling of product returns.

Market Trends

Low Latency Connection to Bovespa

The Brazilian stock exchange offers multiple ways for users to connect to their systems with low latencies.

Online Payment

Regulatory Requirements for Online Payments in Brazil

Compliance to regulations regarding online payments in Brazil means abiding to a list of laws and institutions that might seem cumbersome or complicated at first.

Mobile and Telecom

101+ Brazilian Apps to Have on Your Mobile Device

Brazilian app developers have come up with great solutions for mobile devices.

Online Advertising

Facebook Exchange in Brazil

The market for real-time bidding has great potential for Brazil and is expected to grow significantly over the next few years.


Cross-Channel E-commerce in Brazil

The implementation of cross-channel strategies should not be ignored by e-commerce companies operating in Brazil.


Brazilian Regulation for Health Technology

Health technology is required to comply to a set of regulatory measures set by Anvisa, the Brazilian Health Surveillance Agency.

Online Advertising

Cross-Device Retargeting in Brazil

The Brazilian population are using more devices to connect to the internet than ever before, and this should present an opportunity for advertisers to reach the county’s audience.

Mobile and Telecom

Automated Telemarketing in Brazil

Pre-recorded telemarketing messages are legal in Brazil and used by many companies.


E-commerce Conversion Rates in Brazil

Brazilian e-commerce visitors have multiple reasons to convert or cease to purchase online.


Anatel Regulation for Satellite Communication and Equipment

Anatel institutes specific requirements for telecommunications equipment based on satellite transmissions used in Brazil.