Mobile and Telecom

Automated Telemarketing in Brazil

Pre-recorded telemarketing messages are legal in Brazil and used by many companies.


E-commerce Conversion Rates in Brazil

Brazilian e-commerce visitors have multiple reasons to convert or cease to purchase online.


Anatel Regulation for Satellite Communication and Equipment

Anatel institutes specific requirements for telecommunications equipment based on satellite transmissions used in Brazil.


E-commerce Revenue Segmentation in Brazil

The revenue stream of e-commerce in Brazil is split into multiple social classes and regions.


Internet Usage in Brazil

The way Brazilians use the internet has changed significantly in recent years, both in the way the web is accessed and what content is commonly searched for.

Mobile and Telecom

Premium Phone Numbers in Brazil

Brazilian regulations impose heavy restrictions for premium-priced phone number services.


Music Streaming Services in Brazil

With the recent launch of popular music streaming services in Brazil the number of options for the public to consume music has expanded significantly.

Market Trends

94+ Brazilian Technology Companies to Watch in 2015

New ideas and solid management give many Brazilian Technology companies a chance to thrive in 2015. In this article, Tech in Brazil lists 94 of these companies that you should keep an eye on this year.


Commercialisation of Games in Brazil

The gaming market in Brazil has grown significantly in recent years, leading publishers to adopt multiple payment methods to reach its public.

Online Advertising

Product Recommendation in Brazilian E-commerce

A properly designed product combination algorithm is a way to have customers include additional items in their checkout pages.


Anatel Homologation by Individuals

Brazilian regulations for electronic devices with telecommunication functions have specific measures to deal with products for personal use.

Mobile and Telecom

5 Ways that WhatsApp is used by Businesses in Brazil

WhatsApp has quickly become a phenomenon in Brazil, not only because of its ever growing user base in the country but for the innovative ways businesses are using the application.