Overview of the Brazilian Game Production Industry

The game production industry is hardly a major sector in the Brazilian economy, but the potential for growth in this sector in the near future is undeniable.

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Incentives for Mobile App development in Brazil

According to recent data, Brazilian smartphone users currently seek 92% of the applications from foreign developers, a harsh reality for a country that wants to confirm its presence in the digital environment.

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Broadband Technologies in Brazil

In this article we will look at the most common broadband technologies in Brazil and what are the regulations for this sector.


Computer Manufacturers in Brazil

Brazil has maintained a strong market for desktop and laptop computers over the last few years, with some companies keeping their positions as leaders in this sector and new players rapidly gaining ground in this industry.


TV Commerce in Brazil

Television has historically been a preferred media consumption platform for Brazilian customers, and recent developments have allowed these devices to offer purchase methods to its viewers.

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Telephone Number Portability in Brazil

In this article we will describe how telephone number portability is operated and managed in Brazil, including the requirements and benefits offered by operators.


Must-Carry Channels for Brazilian Subscription TV

In this article we will look at SeAC, the Brazilian subscription TV regulation, and what requisites it applies to companies in this sector.

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Brazil's Programa Nacional de Banda Larga

In this article we'll examine the history and current status of Programa Nacional de Banda Larga, the Brazilian government plan to establish a wide-reaching, reliable data network infrastructure in the country.

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Overview of Telebras

In this article we’ll cover the history and current activities of Telebras, the former telecommunications monopoly of Brazil and the company responsible for expanding the country’s optical fiber network and offering accessible, quality internet to the Brazilian population.

Online Advertising

Customer Retargeting in Brazil

In this article we’ll examine the advantages of customer retargeting and indicate which of the largest online stores in Brazil make use of this method.

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Telecom Service Resale in Brazil

Most telecommunication services in Brazil are sold through resellers of the large telecom operators.

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Recharging Prepaid Mobile Plans in Brazil

In this article we will detail the status and outline what payment methods are available for prepaid mobile subscriptions in Brazil.