Online Payment

Collect Payments for Online Games in Brazil

Commercialisation of games in the Brazilian market has always been a major challenge for international developers but the trend seems to have changing over recent years. In this article we will look at the most effective way to collect payments of Online Games in Brazil.

Cloud and Hosting

Overview of the Top Brazilian HPC’s

Some types of data processing require no less than the most powerful machines in the world to be handled. In this article we will portray the most advanced HPC installations in Brazil.

Green Tech

Electronic Waste Management in Brazil

The Brazilian electronic products market is currently one of the largest in the world and shows no signs of slowing down. In this article we will look at how electronic waste is managed in Brazil.


E-commerce Checkout Flow in Brazil

Designing and localizing the checkout flow is important for maximising the revenue per visitor. In this article we will see how a typical Brazilian checkout flow look like in comparison to a US checkout.


How to Obtain an Anatel Product Homologation

In this article we will explain what is the Anatel homologation of a product and what are the main steps to get it.

Online Payment

How to accept Boleto Bancário for e-commerce payments

Boleto Bancário is a payment method unique to Brazil that refers to a business transaction summarized in a document and barcode.


MOOC Options in Brazil

While most of the distance education services in Brazil are paid and provided by the numerous private universities, free and widely accessible solutions are establishing a growing user base.

Cloud and Hosting

Complete Guide to Web Hosting in Brazil

Traditional web hosting services are a commodity these days and navigating the Brazilian market, for web hosting providers, can be challenging. Lack of information in English and confusion regarding server location is just some of the issues that you will be facing.

Online Payment

Online Payment for E-Commerce in Brazil

This article gives an overview of the Brazilian market for online payments related to e-commerce. We also include a coverage of the options available for merchants and consumers.

Cloud and Hosting

7 Tips Before Establishing a CDN PoP in Brazil

It should be completely unnecessary to write this, but Brazil should not be a 1 PoP country, it's HUGE! In this article, we will outline some of our experiences with planning, deployment, and testing of Content Delivery Networks in Brazil.

Mobile and Telecom

Mobile Data in Brazil is Cheap

So, I guess you have been reading about how expensive everything is in Brazil. You might even have read that Brazil has the 2nd highest telecom rates in the world after South Africa. All this is true. What is easy to forget is that telecom services have changed from being line switched network for voice to be a dumb pipe for IP packets.

Cloud and Hosting

100+ Brazilian Co-location Providers

Until now, lists or databases of all co-location providers in Brazil has never been published. The most complete list published online only included about 20 Data Centers that are open to the public through co-location Providers.