Market Trends

The Brazilian Energy Distribution System

The Brazilian energy distribution system represents a critical aspect of the country’s infrastructure.


E-commerce of Sport Equipment in Brazil

The segment of sports equipment presents significant opportunities for online stores in Brazil.


Certification of Plugs and Sockets in Brazil

Since July 2011, all plugs and sockets sold in the country have had to be in compliance to the new Brazilian standard, in versions of 3 or 2 rounded pins only


Payment to Merchants in Brazil

When contracting payment services from card acquirers in Brazil some aspects of the national standards should be taken into consideration in order for e-commerces to plan their monthly balance.

Satellite Communication

Satellites Operating in Brazil

ANATEL is the agency responsible for issuing the authorisation for using satellite communications inside Brazilian territory


3-D Secure Payment in Brazil

Payment technologies such as 3-D secure have the potential to relieve some of the traditional challenges faced by the Brazilian e-commerce sector.


Homologation of Electronic Time Clock in Brazil

The Electronic Time Clock is widely used by Brazilian companies to manage labor attendances, reducing any irregularities and giving security to employees

Mobile and Telecom

Smart Technologies for Urban Mobility in Brazil

In order to avoid mobility issues in major Brazilian cities, several technologies and applications are being developed to help the population with their daily routine


Best Universities for Technology in Brazil

Brazil has a some of the best universities in Latin America, offering engineering and technology programmes with several specialisations

Mobile and Telecom

Transition to Digital TV in Brazil

Brazil has been broadcasting digital TV signals since 2007, in an effort to bring quality and rearrange the current television system in the country


Homologation of Wireless Chargers in Brazil

Wireless chargers have become more popular over the years, due to their practicality and versatility especially for mobile devices

Mobile and Telecom

Use of Multi-SIM Mobiles in Brazil

Mobile phones with more than one SIM card have become popular in Brazil, since it allows the user to choose the services that best fits their needs