Mobile and Telecom

BNDES Credit Lines for Technology

BNDES is the national Development Bank and is placed among the largest banks of this kind in the world.


E-health market in Brazil

Brazil has the most advanced health care facilities and services in South America, and is an early adopter of several technologies in the region.


Homologation of Bluetooth Equipment in Brazil

Bluetooth equipment is required to undergo specific homologation procedures prior to being allowed to be commercialised in Brazil.


Integration with major E-commerce Marketplaces in Brazil

Marketplace platforms present a high performing sales channel that should be taken into consideration by online retailers operating in Brazil.


Certification of LED Lamps in Brazil

LED lamps are required to undergo certification procedures established by INMETRO in order to be allowed to be commercialized in Brazil.


Online Debit Payment for E-commerce in Brazil

Over the coming years, online debit is likely to become one of the most popular options for e-commerce payments in Brazil.


Homologation of NFC Equipment in Brazil

NFC equipment is required to be homologated by Anatel in order to be allowed to be commercialised in Brazil.


E-commerce of Home Improvement Products in Brazil

In recent years, some of the major retailers of home improvement products in Brazil have invested in e-commerce as a complementary sales channel to physical stores.


Point of Sale Terminal Certification

POS terminals used in Brazil need to comply with regulations from both ABECS and in some cases with ANATEL


Anatel Homologation of Telecommunication Cables 

Various types of cables intended for use in telecommunication services are required to be homologated in Brazil prior to their use and commercialization.


General Practices for Accepting Boleto Bancário Payment in Brazil

Boleto Bancário represents one of the most common payment methods for e-commerce in Brazil, and online stores should look into the best strategies to improve the performance of sales that make use of this option.


Renewal of Anatel Homologation

Several telecommunication products are required to have their homologation renewed after determinate periods of time in order to be legally allowed to be commercialised in Brazil.