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Internet Service Providers in Brazil

Brazil is among the largest countries in the world, therefore it is common that even the main internet service providers, or ISPs, do not offer full coverage countrywide


Online Travel Agencies in Brazil

Online travel agencies in Brazil have become more popular over the years due to the growing interest of consumers in both domestic and international travel, placing the country as the largest market for tourism in Latin America

Mobile and Telecom

Strategies to Protect Your Workforce or Fleet in Brazil

When bringing your workforce to Brazil it is crucial to get to know the potential dangers of the country’s largest cities.

Mobile and Telecom

ANATEL Multimedia Communication Service License

Any Multimedia Communication Service taking place in Brazil is regulated by ANATEL under specific conditions to those interested in offering the service to its subscribers

Mobile and Telecom

Overview of ANATEL

Since its creation in 1997, ANATEL has played an important role in the telecommunications sector in Brazil, publishing regulations and directives in order to help shape these services’ expansion in the country


Payment Gateways in Brazil

Gateway providers in Brazil offer a wide range of extra services to online merchants, and can in many cases be the best option for these stores to handle payment.


The Market for Video Games in Brazil

The market for video games in Brazil has expanded to the point where it has captured the attention of global manufacturers and publishers.


Consumer Rights for Digital Products in Brazil

When selling digital products to Brazilian consumers, a number of consumer rights specific to the country must be taken into consideration.

Satellite Communication

Overcoming Telecommunication Challenges in Brazil

Communicating by voice and video is essential, however communication in areas where traditional cellular and fixed line infrastructure are not commonly available can be challenging.


How to Open an E-commerce Business in Brazil

There are a number of steps required to open an online store fully compliant to Brazilian regulations.


Anatel Requirements for IPv6 Support in Equipment

The IPv6 support in equipment was regulated in Brazil in 2014, in order to adequate the country’s internet infrastructure to the latest developments of the worldwide IP network

Mobile and Telecom

Telecommunication Taxes in Brazil

Brazil holds one of the most burdening taxation policies for telecommunications in the world, a factor that hampers the expansion of these services in the country.