Anatel Requirements for IPv6 Support in Equipment

The IPv6 support in equipment was regulated in Brazil in 2014, in order to adequate the country’s internet infrastructure to the latest developments of the worldwide IP network

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Telecommunication Taxes in Brazil

Brazil holds one of the most burdening taxation policies for telecommunications in the world, a factor that hampers the expansion of these services in the country.

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5 Unique Challenges for IoT Appliances in Brazil

The opportunities with the Internet of Things are well known and most of the applications are ubiquitous around the world

Online Payment

Status of Mobile Payment in Brazil

Recent developments in the national regulation and partnerships between telecommunications companies and financial institutions are pointing to the large potential for the sector of mobile payments in Brazil

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End of Life for Unregistered Boletos

In this article we are going to look at the practical implications for e-commerce related to the end-of-life for unregistered boletos

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Smartphone Usage in Brazil

In this article we will provide an anecdotal observation of smartphone usage in Brazil


Brazilian Electronic Valley

Once an important producer of agricultural goods, the city of Santa Rita do Sapucaí is currently one of the main hubs for the electronic industry in Brazil

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Mobile Telephone Expansion in Brazil

The cellular system has grown exponentially since this technology was introduced in Brazil 25 years ago

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Taxes on the Import and Export of Cloud Services in Brazil

Cloud computing had a relatively recent adoption in Brazil, but it has grown exponentially over the past few years with extensive investment and the introduction of new players


Production Studios in Brazil

Due to recent legislation, Brazilian audiovisual productions are expected to grow within the next few years across several platforms whilst production studios are already creating successful content

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International Roaming for the United States

In order to provide roaming to clients that travel outside Brazil, mobile operators partner with foreign service providers to offer services such as voice calls and data


Semiconductor Manufacturers in Brazil

Over the past few years the Brazilian technology industry has tried to deploy a semiconductor factory to operate on a commercial scale, but until the present day just a few have succeeded