Mobile and Telecom

Satellite Stations in Brazil

Data transmission over satellite was adopted in the past as a cheaper and efficient way for communication across great distances


Busiest Seasons for E-commerce in Brazil

Certain dates and holidays are responsible for a significant part of the revenue for e-commerce in Brazil, and should be kept in mind by online store managers.

Mobile and Telecom

Vehicle Tracking in Brazil

More than 1.5 million vehicles in Brazil use some sort of tracking device, with the freight sector representing a major share of this market

Mobile and Telecom

Satellite Communication in Brazil

Mobile satellite systems, which are largely used in Brazil due to its extensive territory, represent a flexible way of communication for areas in which regular telephone services do not cover.

Online Advertising

Targeting Parents-to-be in Brazil

Many market segments can benefit from the large number of parents-to-be in Brazil.


Home Automation Integrators in Brazil

Home automation is expected to become a trend in the Brazilian market over the next few years.


In-App Purchases in Brazil

With the recent surge in sales of mobile devices, Brazil is expected to become one of the main markets to drive revenue for apps in the world.

Online Advertising

Targeting New Online Customers in Brazil

Each year millions of Brazilian customers make their first e-commerce purchase, and this public represents a large opportunity for online advertisers.

Online Advertising

Affiliate Platforms in Brazil

Affiliate marketing is a simple way for a business to draw more viewers or customers to their website with a rewarding and highly profitable system.


Taxation on OTT in Brazil

Over-The-Top services have been exponentially growing over the past few years in Brazil.

Market Trends

Smart Metering in Brazil

The usage of smart metering equipment is changing the way basic services are managed in Brazil and other countries.3523


Largest IT distributors in Brazil

The IT distribution market has been growing in Brazil throughout the years, providing high profit to its resellers and offering solutions to business across all ranges.