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Tech in Brazil is offering different types of paid content focused on the Brazilian technology and digital media sector.

Tailored Content by Tech in Brazil

Although we strive to deliver as much information as possible through our website we are not able to cover everything. If you don’t find the information you are looking for, would like more in-depth information or analysis we do offer tailored content products.

Our team of journalist and industry insiders have experience in preparing, structuring and presenting information related to the Brazilian technology and digital media industry.

Some of our tailored content projects include:

  • Guides for import, registration and taxes of products or services to Brazil
  • In-depth market overviews of Brazil related topics
  • Analysis of competitive landscape in Brazil
  • Original research and data collection

We encourage you to send us an outline of the information that you require.

Branded Publishing by Tech in Brazil

Providing high quality content to connect with new and existing clients is a well-tested communication method.

As a content publisher, Tech in Brazil knows what drives engagement and interest readers. The role of Tech in Brazil is to provide the necessary depth and industry insights to engage an audience.

Brands of any size can leverage from Tech in Brazil’s experience to build their own content brand. Some examples of branded publishing projects are:

  • Corporate Magazines
  • Business Blogs
  • Trade Promotion Information
  • Internal Corporate Communication and Intranets
  • Education Material

Tech in Brazil produce exclusively content related to Brazilian technology and digital media either in English or Portuguese.

Other types of Paid Content

In addition to Tailored Content and Branded Publishing, we also license existing content from our website. Another option is to providing content sponsorships on our website.

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