Anatel Homologation of Smoke and Heat Detectors

The adoption of smoke and fire detection systems is still incipient in the majority of Brazilian homes, and a large and unexplored market is currently opening to companies developing these type of technologies.


Smart homes equipment approval by Anatel in Brazil

The concept of smart homes is slowly evolving in Brazil and turning from something completely abstract to a promising market, with players from different segments turning their eyes to this market.

Online Payment

Payment Gateway Providers in Brazil

The Brazilian market for payment gateway providers has experienced rapid growth over recent years.


Homologation of Wearables with Anatel

Wearables that perform communications are subject to regulations set by Anatel to ensure that they are safe, not only to the users but are also not interfering with the telecommunications in Brazil.


Anatel Homologation of Mobile or Cell Phones

Since Anatel announced that non-homologated mobile devices will be blocked and unable to be used in Brazil, the certifications subject has become more relevant than ever.

Cloud and Hosting

Localizing your Software or Application for Brazil

This article gives you an understanding of the main aspects involved when localizing an application for the Brazilian market.


Anatel Homologation of drones for manufacturers 

The operation of drones in Brazil must follow conditions established by Anatel and ANAC.


Certification of household and similar appliances in Brazil

The National Institute of Metrology, Quality and Technology, or Inmetro, requires both locally produced and imported household and similar appliances to be certified in order to be sold in Brazil.


Electronics Manufacturing Services in Brazil

Manufacturing electronics in Brazil has proven to be a profitable option for many international companies.


Homologation of Telecommunication Line Filters

Most wired broadband services in Brazil are still being provided with copper cable as the last-mile infrastructure.

Online Payment

Offering Cross Border Payment to Brazil

Sales from global e-commerces to customers in Brazil have risen substantially over the last few years, to the point that merchants from all around the world are currently able to leverage the potential of this developing South-American market.


Homologation of Wireless Microphones and Headphones

Wireless microphones and headphones are typical equipment that require approval from the local telecommunication agency to be commercialised in Brazil.