Approval of Wireless Health Equipment in Brazil 

The use of technologies such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or other wireless communications, have for long spread across all fields and industries.


Homologation of Industrial IoT equipment in Brazil

Industrial internet of things has recently gained attention in Brazil after BNDES indicated the vertical as one of the priority areas for the National IoT Plan, which will receive a series of governmental incentives for further expansion.


Imports and Fulfilment of E-commerce from Abroad to Brazil

Establishing a local operation and fulfilment in Brazil will, in most cases, be the optimal solution for foreign e-commerce companies that are serious about entering the Brazilian market.

Online Payment

Payment Processing from Brazil

Since the early days of e-commerce, payment processing from Brazil to abroad has been a problematic topic.


Certification of IT Equipment with Inmetro

Whenever selling IT equipment to the Brazilian government or organisations related to public administration, manufacturers or legal representatives you will need to prove that their products are certified with Inmetro.


Equipment that do not need Anatel homologation

In a few specific cases, some devices are not required to obtain homologation with Anatel.


Anatel Homologation of Wireless Mobile Chargers in Brazil

As technology for wireless chargers are developing to become faster and more efficient, these type of gadgets are becoming popular and will be found everywhere as soon as mobile phones start to support this technology.

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State of 5G in Brazil

According to the research center CPqD, Brazil will only start to see the adoption of 5G connections by 2030, but how does this prediction fare in comparison to market expectations?

Mobile and Telecom

Mobile Virtual Network Operators in Brazil

The Mobile Virtual Network Operators model has thrived in regions like Europe and North America but has taken a while to take off in Brazil, for a multitude of reasons.


Approval of Wireless Speakers by Anatel

Wireless speakers are considered by Anatel as communication equipment and therefore are required to undergo an approval process called homologation.

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Residential Internet Connections in Brazil

Over the last few years, residential broadband connections in Brazil have experienced a notable rise in adoption rates.


Anatel Homologation of RF modules

Using a RF module that is already homologated with Anatel on the development of a telecommunications product is a great alternative to simplify its approval process with the agency.