7 Tips Before Establishing a CDN PoP in Brazil

It should be completely unnecessary to write this, but Brazil should not be a 1 PoP country, it's HUGE! In this article, we will outline some of our experiences with planning, deployment, and testing of Content Delivery Networks in Brazil.

Large Data Centers in Brazil

Many of the largest data centers in Brazil have been established during the last few years. In this article we will look at the current state of data centers in Brazil and highlight some of the largest installations in the country.

Brazilian Domain Name Registration

In this article we’ll cover the process of registering a domain name for a Brazilian webpage by the country’s name registration service,


Brazil has a few incentives to bring internet across all cities in the country, in addition to requirements for companies delivering this type of service. Find more about rules and programmes applied to the operations related to the internet here.


Brazil has modernized the infrastructure to bring internet connection to all parts of the country over the past years. Here we present some data on the use, technology and service providers.


Brazil has a well-developed market for hosting, with the presence of local and international companies catering to a variety of needs. Learn about the hosting market in Brazil and which are the main player here.

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