Fulfilment require extra attention to ensure that the product will be safely delivered to the buyer in Brazil. In these articles you will get some insights to improve your fulfilment operation in Brazil.

Digital Product Distribution in Brazil

The sales of products through digital distribution have expanded over the last few years in Brazil. In this article we will look at the current status, regulations and bottlenecks for this sales channel in the country.

How to Validate Shipping Addresses in Brazil

Address validation is an important part of the e-commerce checkout when working with physical goods. In this article we will detail how to automatically validated address in Brazil.

Imports and Fulfilment of E-commerce from Abroad to Brazil

Establishing a local operation and fulfilment in Brazil will, in most cases, be the optimal solution for foreign e-commerce companies that are serious about entering the Brazilian market.

Product Returns for Brazilian E-commerce

The Brazilian regulation for e-commerce institutes specific measures for the handling of product returns. In this article we will highlight this regulation and the most common practices operated by e-commerce companies in the country.

Shipping E-commerce Products in Brazil

E-commerce customers in Brazil have preferences for product shipping that must be taken into consideration by sellers and couriers. In this article we will highlight the perspective of Brazilians towards e-commerce product shipping and list some of the largest couriers in the country.

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