Brazil has a few incentives to bring internet across all cities in the country, in addition to requirements for companies delivering this type of service. Find more about rules and programmes applied to the operations related to the internet here.

Brazil's Programa Nacional de Banda Larga

In this article we'll examine the history and current status of Programa Nacional de Banda Larga, the Brazilian government plan to establish a wide-reaching, reliable data network infrastructure in the country.

Spam Regulation in Brazil

The Brazilian government has developed a number of measures to regulate the traffic of spam. In this article we will look at the statistics and current regulation for spam in Brazil.

Overview of Internet Governance in Brazil

For Brazil, internet governance is more of a political issue. Not only does it involve domain names and IP addresses but also data protection, spam and interconnection costs among other things.

ANATEL Multimedia Communication Service License

Any Multimedia Communication Service taking place in Brazil is regulated by ANATEL under specific conditions to those interested in offering the service to its subscribers.

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