Designing the best strategy to present your business to a potential audience require understanding a few peculiarities of your target in Brazil. Learn more about the behaviour and how to target different audiences here.

Affiliate Platforms in Brazil

Affiliate marketing is a simple way for a business to draw more viewers or customers to their website with a rewarding and highly profitable system. In this article we will list the main affiliate platforms in Brazil.

Online Text Advertising in Brazil

Online Text Advertising on Brazilian web sites can be a very effective way to reach and engage customers. In this article we will highlight the options for sponsored links in Brazil.

Targeting Car Buyers in Brazil

The Brazilian market for vehicles and accessories is one of the largest in the world, as these products remain a fundamental part of the country’s consumer culture. In this article we will trace the profile of vehicle consumers and list the largest media outlets in this segment in Brazil.

Targeting Luxury Items Consumers in Brazil

The Brazilian audience for luxury products continues to grow year on year, which presents an opportunity for online advertisers. In this article we will look at how the luxury audience in Brazil access the internet and what product categories and brands generate the most interest.

Targeting New Online Customers in Brazil

Each year millions of Brazilian customers make their first e-commerce purchase, and this public represents a large opportunity for online advertisers. In this article we will trace the demographics of new e-commerce customers in Brazil.

Targeting Parents-to-be in Brazil

Many market segments can benefit from the large number of parents-to-be in Brazil. In this article we will look at the profile of parents in the country, what the most consumed products are and what are the most popular media outlets for this group.

Targeting Teenagers Online in Brazil

The teenage consumer audience in Brazil represents some of the main sources of revenue for a number of brands and targeting this public can yield sizeable results. In this article we will describe the online habits of teenagers in Brazil and how to target this audience.

The Online Demographic in Brazil

Brazil has a very diverse online public, to the point that foreign companies should analyse its potential audience in Brazil before marketing products. In this article we will give an overview of the country’s online audience.

Targeting Travellers Online in Brazil

An increasing number of Brazilians purchase travel services online, and this presents a notable opportunity for advertisers in this sector. In this article we will look at the consumer profile of online tourists in Brazil and where to target this audience.

Online Advertising Publications in Brazil

A number of media outlets in Brazil represent the most relevant periodicals covering the segment of online advertising. In this article we will list the largest online advertising journals in Brazil.

Facebook Exchange in Brazil

The market for real-time bidding has great potential for Brazil and is expected to grow significantly over the next few years. In this article we will look at the current status of Facebook Exchange in the country and how companies can benefit from this platform.

Display advertising in Brazil

On this article, we’ll highlight the characteristics and statistics about the market for display advertising in Brazil.

Cross-Device Retargeting in Brazil

The Brazilian population are using more devices to connect to the internet than ever before, and this should present an opportunity for advertisers to reach the county’s audience.

Customer Retargeting in Brazil

In this article we’ll examine the advantages of customer retargeting and indicate which of the largest online stores in Brazil make use of this method.

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