Telemarketing activities in Brazil are regulated by a few rules and follow a set of practices. In this section you will find information on services available and a few tools used to optimize the operation of the services.

Premium Phone Numbers in Brazil

Brazilian regulations impose heavy restrictions for premium-priced phone number services. In this article we will detail what are the regulations for this sector and what alternative methods are used to provide premium phone services.

How to Get a Non-Geographical Code in Brazil

Non-geographical codes are used in Brazil to identify telephone numbers that are reachable across all of Brazil, with specific regulations and uses for each category. In this article we will present an overview and the procedures to get non-geographical codes in Brazil.

Automated Telemarketing in Brazil

Pre-recorded telemarketing messages are legal in Brazil and used by many companies. In this article we will look at the regulations for automated telemarketing and highlight some of its most common uses in the country.

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