Since the first broadcasting of digital TV signals in 2007, Brazil has made significant efforts to complete the transition from analogue TV. In this section you will find what is the Brazilian digital TV system, and some information on paid TV offering.

Introduction to Brazilian Digital TV

Since 2007, Brazil utilizes a nationwide digital terrestrial television system. In this article we'll look at the history and specifications of the Brazilian Digital Television System.

Transition to Digital TV in Brazil

Brazil has been broadcasting digital TV signals since 2007, in an effort to bring quality and rearrange the current television system in the country. In this article, we explain how the transition between the analog and digital system is going to work and its operation in Brazil.

Must-Carry Channels for Brazilian Subscription TV

In this article we will look at SeAC, the Brazilian subscription TV regulation, and what requisites it applies to companies in this sector.

TV Commerce in Brazil

Television has historically been a preferred media consumption platform for Brazilian customers, and recent developments have allowed these devices to offer purchase methods to its viewers.

Production Studios in Brazil

Due to recent legislation, Brazilian audiovisual productions are expected to grow within the next few years across several platforms whilst production studios are already creating successful content. In this article we will list some of the largest production studios in Brazil.

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