Computer Manufacturers in Brazil

Brazil has maintained a strong market for desktop and laptop computers over the last few years, with some companies keeping their positions as leaders in this sector and new players rapidly gaining ground in this industry.

In this article we will highlight the most prominent computer manufacturers in Brazil and which segments they operate within.

PC Manufacturing in Brazil

Most of the global leaders in computer manufacturing have established production in Brazil due to the large taxation reliefs that are offered to products assembled in the country. Brazilian based computer manufacturing by foreign companies is mostly focused on assembly of products, with most of the technologically advanced components being imported from other countries.

Meanwhile, national PC manufacturers tend to produce budget-oriented machines to reach a much wider public, focusing on lower quality components and even including peripherals to make them more appealing to the country’s public, such as digital TV receivers and 3D glasses.

Market leaders

Some PC manufacturers have maintained a firm position as leaders in the sector due to their extensive line of products and expansive user base. These include:


The largest national PC manufacturer, Positivo Informática offers a range low to mid end desktop computers, notebooks and all-in-ones, which gained popularity through extremely competitive pricing and inclusion of attractive characteristics in their computer product line, like digital TV receivers and 3D glasses.

The manufacturer produces more than 430.000 computers per month, which are directed to a large network of retailers, companies and government institutions. Positivo is also a leader in educational technology market, providing specialized computer solutions to schools and other educational institutions throughout Brazil. The company operates three manufacturing plants in Curitiba, Manaus and Ilhéus.


One of the world leaders in personal computer manufacturing from North America, Dell is another big producer of computer devices in Brazil. Their wide range of products put the company at a favorable position in the Brazilian PC market, offering budget to high performance desktop PC’s, notebooks, and all-in-ones with a strong focus on direct sales to the corporate and IT markets.

Their direct sales approach was pioneering in the country. By circumventing the traditional distribution channels, Dell enabled customers to choose computers that best fitted their needs and having them delivered to households or companies, which helped the manufacturer garner a large devoted client base. Dell’s operations in Brazil include a manufacturing plant in Hortolândia where most of their products are assembled and distributed.


The North American electronics giant HP is one of the market leaders in PC commerce in Brazil, offering a line-up of mid to high end desktop computers, notebooks and all in ones to consumers and corporate clients.

HP’s operations in Brazil includes manufacturing centers in the São Paulo state cities of Jundiaí, operated by Foxconn, and Sorocaba, operated by Flextronics, which produce most of their computers and printers.


Chinese manufacturer Lenovo employed aggressive strategies to consolidate itself in the Brazilian market in recent years, including the acquisition of national manufacturer CCE.

Lenovo offers a product line-up ranging from budget to premium desktop, notebook and all-in-one workstations. Their facilities in Brazil include a manufacturing plant in the city of Itú.

Other Relevant players

Other PC manufacturers maintain a competitive position in the country’s market, offering consolidated product lines and established brands. These include:


One of the main Brazilian computer manufacturers, Megaware offers a diverse line of products, which range from corporate-focused stations to fully-featured consumer PC sets and premium-priced notebooks, all of which commonly found on national retailers. Their manufacturing plant in state capital Belo Horizonte provides their products.


With heavy focus on budget PC’s and components, CCE stood as one of the largest national computer producers until it’s acquisition by Lenovo in 2012. Their products include a range of Brazilian-oriented TV enabled notebooks and budget desktop computers and all in ones, produced in the industrial pole of Manaus.


South-Korean electronics giant LG offers a line of notebooks, and all-in-ones based on their high-quality TV displays. Their manufacturing plants are located in the cities of Manaus and Taubaté.

Notebook market

Some of the biggest PC and electronics manufacturers in the world offer lines of notebooks with great popularity in Brazil. These include:


South Korean electronics titan Samsung is a key player in the notebook market in Brazil, offering a wide range of products with focus on retail and end-users. Samsung’s production in Brazil is divided into manufacturing plants in the cities of Manaus and Campinas.


A key player in the Brazilian notebook market, the Taiwanese manufacturer Acer offers a range of consumer-focused products very popular in the country. The manufacturing operations are operated by contracted partners in Brazil.


Taiwanese manufacturer Asus gained traction in the Brazilian notebook market with reasonably-priced quality products. Currently operates through manufacturing partners in Brazil.

Semp Toshiba

Japanese electronics corporation Semp Toshiba offers a line of mid to high-end notebooks for the Brazilian market, focused on retail and end-user, all produced within the company’s manufacturing quarters in the city of Manaus.

Niche computer manufacturing

Some companies focus on niches of the computer market, such as gaming and budget all-in-ones. These are:

  • Movva: Desktop computer manufacturer focused on gaming market based in Manaus
  • X5: Gaming desktop computer manufacturer based in São Paulo
  • Avell: National manufacturer of performance and gaming focused notebooks based in Joinville, in Southern state Santa Catarina
  • AOC: Taiwanese TV manufacturer ventured into production of all-in-one Android-based budget PC’s for the Brazilian market

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