Brazil is consolidated as one of the largest OTT markets in the world. In the following articles you will get an overview of the available OTT services and taxation related to their operation.

OTT services in Brazil

Each year, an increasing number of Brazilian consumers subscribe to digital content distribution services. In this article we will list the largest OTT services in Brazil.

Most Popular Video Outlets in Brazil

Brazilians regularly watch lots of online videos, which presents an opportunity for advertisers. In this article we will look at the status of online video consumption in Brazil and list the largest video outlets in the country.

Taxation on OTT in Brazil

Over-The-Top services have been exponentially growing over the past few years in Brazil. However, the market still lacks specific regulations. In this article we will talk about the taxation for OTT in Brazil.

Music Streaming Services in Brazil

With the recent launch of popular music streaming services in Brazil the number of options for the public to consume music has expanded significantly. In this article we will outline the current status of this market and show what the major services are offering to Brazilian audiences.

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