Brazil is among the largest gaming markets in the world, with an increasing consumption of both desktop and mobile games. In the following articles we explore the profile of this market.

The Market for Video Games in Brazil

The market for video games in Brazil has expanded to the point where it has captured the attention of global manufacturers and publishers. In this article we will trace the history and current overview of the market for video games in Brazil.

Most Popular Gaming Platforms in Brazil

The market for games in Brazil has grown exponentially over the last few years, offering opportunities for product manufacturers and distributors. In this article we will trace a brief history of the gaming market in the country and list the most popular platforms for Brazilian consumers.

Overview of the Brazilian Game Production Industry

The game production industry is hardly a major part of the Brazilian economy, but the potential for growth in this sector in the near future is undeniable. In this article we will highlight the major players in this segment and summarize the current state of affairs of the gaming industry in Brazil.

Where to Buy Game Network Subscriptions in Brazil

Many Brazilian online and physical stores offer the sale of subscriptions for gaming networks, such as Xbox Live and Playstation Network. In this article we will detail where gaming network subscriptions can be purchased in Brazil.

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