The majority of telecommunication products require a certification and homologation with Anatel to be allowed to be commercialized and used in Brazil. Here you will find information about product homologation with Anatel and what are the procedures required.

How to Obtain an Anatel Product Homologation

Telecommunication products and accessories are required to have a certification and homologation by the Brazilian Telecommunication Agency (Anatel) in order to be legally commercialized and used in the country.

Renewal of Anatel Homologation

Several telecommunication products are required to have their homologation renewed after determinate periods of time in order to be legally allowed to be commercialised in Brazil.

Anatel Homologation by Individuals

Brazilian regulations for electronic devices with telecommunication functions have specific measures to deal with products for personal use. In this article we will detail the process to require homologation for telecommunication products for personal use in Brazil.

Anatel Homologation of Drones for Manufacturers

The operation of drones in Brazil must follow conditions established by Anatel and ANAC. You will learn in this article what the requirements that manufacturers of drones must adhere to in order to have their equipment certified by Anatel, the local telecommunication agency.

Anatel Homologation of Electronic Toys

To remain relevant in the market and compete with other consumer products, toy manufacturers are increasingly adding electronics parts to their products to become more appealing to children.

Anatel Homologation of Mobile or Cell Phones

Since Anatel announced that non-homologated mobile devices will be blocked and unable to be used in Brazil, the certifications subject has become more relevant than ever. In this article we will cover the requirements and the procedures for homologation of mobile and cell phones.

Anatel Homologation of RF Modules

Using a RF module that is already homologated with Anatel on the development of a telecommunications product is a great alternative to simplify its approval process with the agency.

Anatel Homologation of Smart TVs, Set Top Boxes and Dongles

Connected TVs or any devices that allow connectivity to TV sets are required to meet certain standards in order to be sold in Brazil. In this article you can check what these requirements are, and if you are a manufacturer, how to obtain approval for local commercialisation of your products.

Homologation of Telecommunication Line Filters

Most wired broadband services in Brazil are still being provided with copper cable as the last-mile infrastructure.

Homologation of Wireless Mobile Chargers

In this article, we will give an overview on how wireless chargers are homologated in Brazil and who are the responsible agencies.

Anatel Homologation of Smoke and Heat Detectors

The adoption of smoke and fire detection systems is still incipient in the majority of Brazilian homes, but with the propagation of more integrated IoT solutions, a large and unexplored market has opened to companies developing these type of technologies.

Anatel Homologation of Telecommunication Cables

Various types of cables intended for use in telecommunication services are required to be homologated in Brazil prior to their use and commercialization.

Anatel Regulation for Satellite Communication and Equipment

Anatel institutes specific requirements for telecommunications equipment based on satellite transmissions used in Brazil. In this article we will detail the regulation for this type of communication and equipment in the country.

Approval of Wireless Health Equipment in Brazil

The use of technologies such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or other wireless communications, have for long spread across all fields and industries.

Approval of Wireless Speakers by Anatel

Wireless speakers are considered by Anatel as communication equipment that utilizes frequencies that are under the agency’s supervision and therefore are required to undergo an approval process called homologation.

Certification of Power Banks in Brazil

Power banks consumption became very popular among smartphone users as a consequence of an increase in mobile phones penetration in Brazil over the last few years.

Homologation of Antennas in Brazil

Certain categories of telecommunication antennas are required to undergo specific homologation procedures established by Anatel, the Brazilian Telecommunications Agency. In this article, we will present an overview of the homologation process for antennas in Brazil.

Homologation of Bluetooth Equipment in Brazil

Bluetooth equipment is required to undergo specific homologation procedures prior to being allowed to be commercialised in Brazil. In this article we will present an overview of the homologation procedure for Bluetooth equipment required by Anatel, the Brazilian Telecommunications Agency.

Homologation of Fibre Equipment

Optical fibre equipment are essential elements for the high speed networks and all these types of equipment used in Brazil must be homologated by the Brazilian telecommunications agency Anatel.

Homologation of Wearables with Anatel

Wearables that perform communications are subject to regulations set by Anatel to ensure that they are safe, not only to the users but are also not interfering with the telecommunications in Brazil.

Homologation of Wireless Chargers in Brazil

Wireless chargers have become more popular over the years, due to their practicality and versatility especially for mobile devices. In this article, we will give an overview on how wireless chargers are homologated in Brazil and who are the responsible agencies.

Homologation of NFC Equipment in Brazil

NFC equipment is required to be homologated by Anatel in order to be allowed to be commercialised in Brazil. In this article we describe the Anatel homologation procedure for NFC equipment.

Homologation of Wireless Microphones and Headphones

Wireless microphones and headphones are typical equipment that require approval from the local telecommunication agency to be commercialised in Brazil. We will outline in this article the main requirements set by Anatel for homologation of these types of wireless equipment.

RFID Equipment Homologation by ANATEL

The RFID technology is expected to rise exponentially worldwide in the next few years, with Brazil already possessing specific regulations for this equipment. In this article, we will provide technical information regarding the ANATEL requirements for the homologation of RFID equipment.

Smart Home Equipment Approval by Anatel in Brazil

The concept of smart homes is slowly evolving in Brazil and turning from something completely abstract to a promising market, with players from different segments turning their eyes to this market.

Anatel Requirements for IPv6 Support in Equipment

The IPv6 support in equipment was regulated in Brazil in 2014, in order to adequate the country’s internet infrastructure to the latest developments of the worldwide IP network.

Anatel Voltage Surge Requirements

Telecommunication equipment must endure demanding voltage surge resistance testing before being authorized to be used or sold in Brazil. In this article we will detail the voltage surge requirements applied for telecommunication equipment in Brazil.

Equipment that do not Need Anatel Homologation

In a few specific cases, some devices are not required to obtain homologation with Anatel. We will detail here what these cases are and what the most common equipment that do not require approval by Anatel are.

What Products Require Anatel Homologation in Brazil?

The list of telecommunication equipment required to undergo homologation in Brazil is very specific, to the point where players in this industry should be looking closely at the categories and requirements their products fit in.

Homologation of Industrial IoT Equipment in Brazil

Industrial internet of things has recently gained attention in Brazil after BNDES indicated the vertical as one of the priority areas for the National IoT Plan, which will receive a series of governmental incentives for further expansion.

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