Several products require a certification from Inmetro before being commercialized and used in Brazil. Here we cover some of the products that need certification from the institute, what are the main requirements to obtain it.

Homologation of Electronic Time Clock in Brazil

The Electronic Time Clock is widely used by Brazilian companies to manage labor attendances, reducing any irregularities and giving security to employees. In this article, we will provide technical information regarding the requirements for the certification of the Electronic Time Clock in Brazil.

Point of Sale Terminal Certification

POS terminals used in Brazil need to comply with regulations from both ABECS and in some cases with ANATEL. We will outline in this article the main requirements for these types of terminals to be used in Brazil.

Certification of LED Lamps in Brazil

LED lamps are required to undergo certification procedures established by INMETRO in order to be allowed to be commercialized in Brazil.

Certification of IT Equipment with Inmetro

Whenever selling IT equipment to the Brazilian government or organisations related to public administration, manufacturers or legal representatives you will need to prove that their products are certified with Inmetro.

Certification of Plugs and Sockets in Brazil

Since July 2011, all plugs and sockets sold in the country have had to be in compliance to the new Brazilian standard, in versions of 3 or 2 rounded pins only.

Certification of Household and Similiar Appliances

The National Institute of Metrology, Quality and Technology, or Inmetro, requires both locally produced and imported household and similar appliances to be certified in order to be sold in Brazil.

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