Home Automation Integrators in Brazil

Home automation is expected to become a trend in the Brazilian market over the next few years. In this article we will detail the market for home automation in Brazil and list the most relevant integrators in the country.

Home engineering and architecture have made significant progress in recent years and are already looking to the future when it comes to designing new houses and bringing comfort to its residents. In Brazil, the home automation market already revenues BRL 500 million per year with 30% annual growth.

Home automation consists of combined equipment that works to facilitate daily activities inside households, offering a comfortable way to control temperature, lighting and security for example. Houses with these systems are capable of saving 30% in energy expenditures. AURESIDE, or The Brazilian Home Automation Association, estimates that more than 300 thousand homes in Brazil use some kind of automation system, with potential to increase to 1.5 million homes once the deficit of providers is supplied.

Limitations for home automation in Brazil

The price for the technology is considered to be a major limitation to its success in the country, even though it has fallen 50% in the past few years. The installation of a home automation setting can cost from BRL 4 000 going up to BRL 70 000 or more. Most of the deployments done so far have been on a large scale, in high-standard homes.

The most common technologies used in the country are integrated thermostats, energy management, audio and videos systems, lighting controls and security tools such as biometry. Automation is being largely deployed in new buildings, which is considered to be cheaper than typical houses, since the equipment is bought in larger quantities.

Another limitation for this segment is the lack of knowledge from consumers concerning the benefits of home automation and the shortage of specialized professionals and companies to deploy the technologies to attend the country’s demand. Specialists in the sector believe that smartphone popularization may help consumers understanding how the automation works and all the possibilities these systems provide in daily life.

Even though home automation equipment already provides significant improvements to daily life, some adjustments must be done in order to increase the adoption of the technology. AURESIDE indicates that one of the main issues is the lack of integration between equipment, since the market is still segmented into multiple technology providers.

The country’s integrators range from independent professionals, who represent the largest share of this sector, to national-sized companies. The creation of an open-source operating system for the automation equipment would be essential to facilitate the offering and deployment of these solutions as well as to encourage investment in integration, allowing smaller business to enter the market as well.

The future of the home automation market

Specialists hope that this recent interest in the industry will lower prices and bring more adepts to home automation solutions. It is believed that the turnaround for the market will be the creation of plug and play products, allowing for consumers to install the devices by themselves. Most of the recently developed technologies are wireless, which makes the deployment more practical and removes the necessity of house renovations.

Main home automation integrators in Brazil

In order to provide customized technology solutions for home automation, a large number of integrators are being created to fill the gap in the market. The companies are spread across the country on the most important cities. We have selected some of the main home automation integrators in Brazil.

AZ Home

Located in São Paulo, AZ Home has operated for more than 10 years in the segment, offering custom solutions for clients in order to better attend their needs. The company works with partners such as Schneider Electric, Lutron and iHouse. Their solutions include climatization, remote controlled curtains, security tools such as alarms and biometry, audio and video systems and lighting control.


Starvai are headquartered in Brasilia and have been operating since 2009. They offer complete solutions for home automation working both with the project and the deployment. Working with partners such as Neocontrol, Home Expert, Panasonic and Beam Electrolux the company delivers flexible and optimized systems according to the clients choice. Their services include audio and video, security, cabling and equipment management.


Vizago is a company located in São Paulo specialized in the integration of high technology systems and home decoration. The company provides equipment that ranges from electrical, automation and security, to audio, video and climatization. Some of their partners include Denon, Yamaha, D-Box Motion Code, ABB and Schneider Electrics.

Home Control

Home Control deliver technologies for home automation such as integrated lighting controls, alarms for visual and sound communication, accessories management and garden watering. The company has products that operate in the whole house infrastructure and offers flexibility for future changes.

Automatize Residências Inteligentes

Located in Goiânia, Automatize offers products for automation in audio and video, electrical, equipment management, such as air conditioners, curtains and lighting and allows control of the system remotely. Among their partners are Legrand, Control4 and Schneider Electric.

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