Internet of Things projects are slowly being implemented across several industries in Brazil. In this section we outline a few of the most important applications for IoT in the country.

Vehicle Tracking in Brazil

More than 1.5 million vehicles in Brazil use some sort of tracking device, with the freight sector representing a major share of this market. In this article we will explain how vehicle tracking technology is used in the country.

Strategies to Protect Your Workforce or Fleet in Brazil

When bringing your workforce to Brazil it is crucial to get to know the potential dangers of the country’s largest cities. In this article we will outline some strategies to protect your workforce and fleet in Brazil using technology.

Smart Metering in Brazil

The usage of smart metering equipment is changing the way basic services are managed in Brazil and other countries. In this article we are going to see how these technologies are being developed and deployed in Brazil.

5 Unique Challenges for IoT Appliances in Brazil

The opportunities with the Internet of Things are well known and most of the applications are ubiquitous around the world. In this article we will take a look at the unique challenges that the implementation of new IoT applications are facing in Brazil.

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