Localizing your Software or Application for Brazil

This article gives you an understanding of the main aspects involved when localizing an application for the Brazilian market.

Registering Software in Brazil

In Brazil, any type of computer program, registered or not, has its intellectual property protected by law and it can be registered to assure legal rights and security. In this article we will describe the software registration process in Brazil.

Software Business vs. Brazilian Software Piracy

Brazil’s international reputation for piracy is blown way out of proposition. The annual Global Piracy Study from USA based Business Software Alliance indicates that Brazil have the lowest Piracy rate of all countries in Latin America.

Taxes on the Import and Export of Cloud Services in Brazil

Cloud computing had a relatively recent adoption in Brazil, but it has grown exponentially over the past few years with extensive investment and the introduction of new players. In this article we will explain how the taxation works for the import and export of cloud services in Brazil.


Brazil is one of the largest markets for mobile apps worldwide, and unsurprisingly, became also one of the top developers of applications. In this section we explore what are the most popular apps in Brazil, and incentives for mobile app development.

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