Online Payments

Brazil is an attractive market for online payments, with several payment methods and practices that are particular to the country. Find here what practices and solutions are adopted for e-commerce business in Brazil and what regulations they need to adhere to.

Payment Processing from Brazil

Since the early days of e-commerce, payment processing from Brazil to abroad has been a problematic topic.

Online Payment for E-Commerce in Brazil

This article gives an overview of the Brazilian market for online payments related to e-commerce. We also include a coverage of the options available for merchants and consumers.

Online Debit Payment for E-commerce in Brazil

Over the coming years, online debit is likely to become one of the most popular options for e-commerce payments in Brazil. In this article we will provide an overview of the main characteristics and integration of online debit payments.

Payment to Merchants in Brazil

When contracting payment services from card acquirers in Brazil some aspects of the national standards should be taken into consideration in order for e-commerces to plan their monthly balance.

3-D Secure Payment in Brazil

Payment technologies such as 3-D secure have the potential to relieve some of the traditional challenges faced by the Brazilian e-commerce sector. In this article we will outline the current status and adoption of 3-D secure technology in Brazil.

Bitcoin Payment Acceptance in Brazil

In Brazil it is possible to use Bitcoin to pay for services ranging from construction services to hotel accommodation. In this article we will look at the acceptance of Bitcoin payments in Brazil.

Chargeback for Online Payment in Brazil

Chargebacks have become increasingly common for Brazilian e-commerce and online payments. In this article we will look at the statistics, regulations and prevention methods for chargebacks in Brazil.

Collect Payments for Online Games in Brazil

Commercialisation of games in the Brazilian market has always been a major challenge for international developers but the trend seems to have changing over recent years. In this article we will look at the most effective way to collect payments of Online Games in Brazil.

Commercialisation of Games in Brazil

The gaming market in Brazil has grown significantly in recent years, leading publishers to adopt multiple payment methods to reach its public.

Credit Card Acquirers in Brazil

The Brazilian market recently saw the introduction of new card acquirers due to regulatory changes in this sector. In this article we will look at the history of credit card acquirers in Brazil and highlight the largest companies operating in the country.

Credit Card Fraud in Brazil

Online payments in Brazil have been subject to an increasing amount of fraud. In this article we will look at the statistics for credit card fraud in Brazil and what companies are doing to prevent it.

How to Accept Boleto Bancário for E-Commerce Payments

Boleto Bancário is a payment method unique to Brazil that refers to a business transaction summarized in a document and barcode.

General Practices for Accepting Boleto Bancário Payment in Brazil

Boleto Bancário represents one of the most common payment methods for e-commerce in Brazil, and online stores should look into the best strategies to improve the performance of sales that make use of this option.

Managing Subscription in Brazil

In this article we’ll point to the most popular subscription services in Brazil and explore what payment methods and models are offered for their customers.

Offering Cross Border Payment to Brazil

Sales from global e-commerces to customers in Brazil have risen substantially over the last few years, to the point that merchants from all around the world are currently able to leverage the potential of this developing South-American market.

Payment Gateway Providers in Brazil

The Brazilian market for payment gateway providers has experienced rapid growth over recent years. This has subsequently caused lower service charges and more options for merchants.

Payment Gateways in Brazil

Gateway providers in Brazil offer a wide range of extra services to online merchants, and can in many cases be the best option for these stores to handle payment. In this article we will look at the business model and services offered by gateways in the Brazilian market.

Payment Reconciliation Services in Brazil

Payment reconciliation has become an integral part of the operations of e-commerces in Brazil. In this article we will provide an overview of Brazilian payment systems and look at the importance of reconciliation services in Brazil.

Regulatory Requirements for Online Payments in Brazil

Compliance to regulations regarding online payments in Brazil means abiding to a list of laws and institutions that might seem cumbersome or complicated at first.

Sales of Software to Brazilian Businesses

Brazilian companies show some specific preferences when buying business software. In this article we will highlight the most common procedures applied when acquiring software and show how to establish an ideal commerce channel to handle these operations.

Secure Mobile Payments in Brazil

Payment via mobile platforms is becoming a trend in Brazil, as more users experience the practicality and convenience of this method.

Status of Mobile Payment in Brazil

Recent developments in the national regulation and partnerships between telecommunications companies and financial institutions are pointing to the large potential for the sector of mobile payments in Brazil.

Consumer Rights for Digital Products in Brazil

When selling digital products to Brazilian consumers, a number of consumer rights specific to the country must be taken into consideration. In this article we will look at the consumer rights for digital products in Brazil.

Customer Services for E-commerce in Brazil

Over the last few years, e-commerces in Brazil have implemented several new technologies to increase the quality and efficiency of their customer services. In this article we will provide an overview of the use of customer services by e-commerce websites in Brazil.

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