Brazil has modernized the infrastructure to bring internet connection to all parts of the country over the past years. Here we present some data on the use, technology and service providers.

Internet Service Providers in Brazil

Brazil is among the largest countries in the world, therefore it is common that even the main internet service providers, or ISPs, do not offer full coverage countrywide.

Residential Internet Connections in Brazil

Over the last few years, residential broadband connections in Brazil have experienced a notable rise in adoption rates. In this article we will detail the usage of internet connections in Brazilian households.

Broadband Technologies in Brazil

The number of broadband connections in Brazil has expanded significantly in recent years, with new technologies and more affordable plans being introduced.

Low Latency Connection to Bovespa

The Brazilian stock exchange offers multiple ways for users to connect to their systems with low latencies. In this article we will detail what are the services offered by Bovespa and highlight the ways to set up low latency connections.

Internet Usage in Brazil

The way Brazilians use the internet has changed significantly in recent years, both in the way the web is accessed and what content is commonly searched for. In this article we will point out the current status of internet usage in Brazil.

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