101+ Brazilian Apps to Have on Your Mobile Device

Published: 4 Feb 2015

Last Updated: 13 Feb 2015

Brazilian app developers have come up with great solutions for mobile devices. In this article we will list some of the most interesting mobile apps developed in the country.

App development in Brazil

Even if the mobile device software industry is not as big in Brazil as in other countries, a great number of developers in the country have displayed enough creativity, ingenuity and quality to warrant their product a place on devices around the world.

We have compiled a list of some of the most intriguing apps developed in Brazil, across multiple categories. These apps should not only enhance your experience while in Brazilian cities, providing relevant information about important places, but also help you get around while going from one place to another, be in direct contact with public institutions, find some of the best services available in the country and overall making your device more useful and entertaining in surprising ways.


99 Taxis - iOS, Android, Windows Phone - FreeTaxi booking app with services available in more than 150 Brazilian cities.

Easy Taxi 3.0 - iOS, Android, Windows Phone - FreeTaxi booking app that has gained over 17 million users worldwide and is available in 170 cities worldwide.

Resolveaí Taxi - iOS, Android - FreeTaxi booking app with over 10.000 registered drivers and available in 21 Brazilian cities.

Clickbus- iOS, Android - FreeBus service aggregator that enables users to book trips on over 3000 inter-state routes in Brazil.

Sem Parar Taxi - iOS, Android - FreeTaxi booking app for subscribers of Sem Parar toll collection services, available in the city of São Paulo.

TaxiJa- iOS, Android, Windows Phone - FreeTaxi booking app that enables payment through national payment platform PagSeguro.

WayTaxi - iOS, Android, Windows Phone - FreeTaxi booking app with features such as route price calculator and driver location display.

Wappa - iOS, Android, Windows Phone - FreeTaxi booking app focused on the corporate market, available in over 200 Brazilian cities.

Cadê o Ônibus? - iOS, Android, Windows Phone - FreeUtility service that displays the real-time location of buses in the city of São Paulo.

MapLink Trânsito - iOS, Android, Windows Phone - FreeMap with real time, detailed display of traffic in major Brazilian cities.

Navigation and City Guides

Apontador - iOS, Android, Windows Phone - FreeComprehensive guide to services and tourist locations in Brazil, which enables users to share comments and photos on social networks and also book hotel rooms and restaurants.

Kekanto - iOS, Android, Windows Phone - FreeComprehensive city guide with maps, locations and ratings for restaurants and hotels in Brazil.

OndeParar - iOS, Android, Windows Phone - FreeMap of local parking spaces in Brazilian cities designed for cars and motorcycles, divided into categories and price range.

Beekme - iOS, Android - FreeInteractive tourist guide for Brasilia that uses iBeacon technology to display relevant information when users are close to determined city landmarks.

Guia de Motéis - iOS - FreeMap with the location and detailed information of over 3000 motels in Brazil.

LeiCK Maps - iOS, Android - FreeMap with updated locations of Brazilian Police blocks intended to supervise alcohol consumption by drivers.

Vai Rio - iOS, Android - FreeApp that tracks the user location in the city of Rio de Janeiro to display traffic information and relevant news by local newspaper O Globo.

VEJA São Paulo - iOS, Android - FreeApplication that provides the locations and reviews of restaurants and bars in the city of São Paulo, also including the schedule of movie theaters.

Food, Deliveries and Services

iFood- iOS, Android, Windows Phone - FreeFood delivery service aggregator available in over 20 Brazilian cities.

Hellofood - iOS, Android - FreeFood delivery service aggregator available in over 15 Brazilian cities.

Pedidos Já - iOS, Android, Windows Phone - FreeFood delivery service aggregator with over 6000 registered restaurants in Brazil.

Grubster - iOS, Android, Windows Phone - FreeTable booking app with 800 registered restaurants and available in 11 Brazilian cities.

Ingresso.com - iOS, Android, Windows Phone - FreeApplications that allows users to buy movie, theater and tickets in over 110 Brazilian cities.

GetNinjas- Android - FreeApp that enables users to find and hire professionals in multiple categories of services in Brazil.

Gym Pass - iOS, Android - FreeFitness service aggregator that enables users to buy daily or periodic passes to gyms and workout classes in Brazil.

Recomind- iOS, Android - FreeGeneral service aggregator that enables users to find and rate quality professionals in Brazil.

Equipamentos Públicos - iOS, Android - FreeAggregator and map of public services in Brazil, including notary offices, Federal Revenue agencies and public hospitals.

Muambator - iOS, Android - FreeApp that enables users to list and track deliveries handled by the Brazilian Post Office.

TeleListas.net - iOS, Android, Windows Phone - FreeComprehensive list of service phone numbers in Brazil, including a detailed map of their location.

Reclame Aqui - iOS, Android - FreeApp that enables users to post and share complaints about Brazilian companies.

Chegou - iOS, Android - FreeDelivery management platform that displays locations of packages handled by the Brazilian Post Office.

Sontra Cargo - iOS, Android, Windows Phone - FreeApplication that enables freelance truck drivers to find near freight contracts, make contact with hirers and calculate route costs based on distance and price of tolls.

Truckpad - Android - FreeService where users are able to find and hire freelance drivers for cargo deliveries.

EasyBeer - iOS - FreePrice comparison service that enables users to find the lowest prices for beer in their proximity.

Public Services

Colab - iOS, Android - FreeApp that encourages citizenship actions by enabling users to elaborate and share suggestions to improve cities and send them to the local government.

Receita Federal- iOS, Android - FreeA suite of apps from the Brazilian Federal Revenue Services that allows users to check their CPF and CNPJ status, submit taxes declarations and other services.

Câmbio Legal - iOS, Android - FreeMap from the Brazilian Federal Reserve that displays locations of currency exchange bureaus in the country.

Bike SP - iOS, Android, Windows Phone - FreeApp that allows users to register and use Bike Sampa, a public service from Brazilian bank Itaú that allows users to rent and ride bikes in the city of São Paulo.

Metrô de São Paulo- iOS, Android, Windows Phone - FreeMap with detailed information of the São Paulo subway that allows users to calculate the quickest route to their destinations in the city.

Infraero Voos Online - iOS, Android, Windows Phone - FreeUpdated list of flights from Brazilian airports by national organization Infraero.

Sistema Ambiental Paulista - iOS, Android - FreeApp developed by the State of São Paulo Environment Department that displays the location of parks in the state and indicates the quality of the air and beaches.

LimPOA - iOS - FreeMap of locations where you can deposit waste and recyclable materials in the city of Porto Alegre.

ANATEL Serviço Móvel - iOS, Android - FreeMap provided by the Brazilian Telecommunications Agency with the location of mobile network transmitters in the country’s cities along with indicators of signal quality.

Turismo Acessível - iOS, Android, Windows Phone - FreeApp provided by the Brazilian Ministry of Tourism that displays the location of tourist attractions in the country that are accessible for individuals with physical disabilities.

Sisu - Android, Windows Phone - FreeApp that updates users of the Brazilian public universities system with information about available courses and exam dates.


Buscapé - iOS, Android, Windows Phone - FreePrice comparison service that lists some of the largest e-commerces in Brazil, with over 11 million registered products.

BoaLista - iOS, Android, Windows Phone - FreeGrocery shopping utility that enables users to list what products need to be bought and how much was spent for each item in previous purchases.

Finances and Personal Management

Meu Carrinho - iOS, Android, Windows Phone - FreeGrocery shopping list organizer that enables price comparison based on barcode scanning.

Mãe Coruja - iOS - FreeDaily events organizer designed to help mothers keep track of important information about their children’s lives.

Guia Bolso - iOS - FreePersonal finance management platform designed to help users keep track of daily expenditure.

Minhas Economias - iOS, Android - FreePersonal finance management designed to register and display regular expenditure.

Organnize - iOS, Android - FreeComprehensive finance management platform designed for private individuals and small company owners.

Money Care - iOS, Android - USD 2.99Personal finance management platform that enables users to categorize and evaluate their expenditure.

Carrorama - iOS, Android - FreeCar management platform designed to keep track of regular expenditure, maintenance and performance of vehicles.

Canarinho - Android - FreePersonal finance management platform in which users can insert detailed information of income and expenditure.

Drivvo - Android - FreeCar management app where users can keep track of expenditure and receive alerts when determined maintenances are due.

Banking and Payment

ContaSuper - iOS, Android, Windows Phone - FreeVirtual wallet service that allows users to make bank transfers, top up pre-paid cellphone plans and pay Boletos by scanning barcodes using the phone's camera.

NuBank - iOS, Android - FreeCredit card service that enables users to check balances in real time and block credit card in case of theft.

Itaú - iOS, Android, Windows Phone - FreeApplication from Brazilian bank Itaú that enables users to check account balances, make transfers, top up pre-paid cellphone plans and pay Boletos by scanning barcodes using the phone's camera.

Communications, Social Networks and Contact Management

Portabilidade Facil - iOS, Android - FreeContact management app that allows users to know which operator each number belongs to, enabling callers to find contacts from the same operator they use and therefore make calls at reduced costs.

Hey! - iOS, Android - FreeApp that allows users to send the word “Hey!” to contacts as a way to start a conversation.

Thinkr - iOS - FreeSocial network based on emotions, where users can submit pictures that express their feelings and find posts based on emotional categories.

Tysdo - iOS, Android - FreeApp in which users can submit their wishes and share with friends, who are then able to encourage the wish list fulfillment.

Hapboo - iOS, Android - FreeMemoir storing app that allows users to record text, voice or video messages to be sent to themselves or loved ones in the future.

Dujour - iOS, Android - FreeSocial network where users can find and share looks and include the brand of fashion items.

Multa Moral - iOS, Android - FreePhoto sharing network that enables users to publish and discourage instances of bad faith and questionable behaviour in Brazil.

B.O. Coletivo - iOS, Android - FreeInteractive map where users can submit their location and share information about criminal activities that take place in Brazilian cities.

Pumpop - iOS, Android - FreeOnline dating network currently available in 16 Latin American countries.

NowMe - iOS, Android - FreeDating platform designed to connect users located in the same location.

Utilities and Tools

Wecast - iOS - USD 1.99Podcast utility that allows creators to display detailed information and link visual content to specific parts of audio.

Lumiè - iOS, Android - USD 1.99Photo editing tool that enables users to add special light effects to images.

WakeApp Weather - iOS - USD 1.99Alarm clock that is only activated if weather conditions meet pre-determined preferences, designed to help users avoid waking up if morning activities are unviable.

My Pets - Pets Manager- iOS - FreePet management utility that helps animal caretakers keep track of important information about their pets.

Hand Talk - iOS, Android - FreelApp that converts audio, text and pictures into sign language, recently awarded by the UN.

ProDeaf- iOS, Android, Windows Phone - FreeApp that converts small words and phrases into sign language displays.

Free Zone Wifi- iOS, Android - FreeMap of free wi-fi hotspots and collection of shared passwords of wireless networks in public places.

Hypnos - iOS - FreeUtility that helps users choose the best time to fall asleep, based on the duration of sleep cycles.

Doasangue - iOS - FreeMap of hospitals that receive blood donations, including donor requirements.

Que-fala! - Android - FreeUtility designed to help users with severe communications impediments, such as children affected by poliomielitis.


Tudo Gostoso Receitas - iOS, Android - FreeGuide to Brazilian cooking that provides over 150,000 recipes covering multiple categories and ratings.

CyberCook Receitas - iOS, Android - FreeGuide to over 110,000 Brazilian recipes with multiple categories that enables comments and ratings.

Larica Total- iOS, Android - FreeList and guide of simple recipes that make use of everyday ingredients, which enables users to share their own instructions and creations.

Medical and Health Apps

Idade Gestacional - iOS - USD 1.99Pregnancy timeframe calculator that provides mothers with the approximate age of their gestating children and displays additional information for each pregnancy period.

Whitebook+ - iOS, Android, Windows Phone - USD 7.99Medical procedure organizer designed to help doctors to quickly find the correct treatment for patients.

Guia dos Remédios - iOS - USD 7.99Comprehensive guide of medication used in Brazil, including detailed information about each drug.

Tecnonutri - iOS, Android - FreeNutrition app that helps users keep track of consumed calories and body mass.

Dieta e Saúde - iOS, Android, Windows Phone - FreeApp that guides users on how to establish a healthy daily diet based on the service’s proprietary point system.

Medida Certa - iOS, Android - FreePersonal fitness managers that enables users to keep track of diets and exercise routines.

GlicOnline - Android - BRL 27,00Utility for diabetes patients to receive prescriptions directly from their nutritionists and physicians in order to maintain a healthy diet.


Curso de Bolso - iOS, Android - FreeOnline courses aggregator that provides over 100 exclusive classes covering multiple categories.

Gabaritar - iOS, Android- FreeManagement utility where users can keep track of time spent studying and receive questions to assist training for important exams such as ENEM and civil services admissions.

Enem Quiz- iOS, Android - FreeComprehensive study guide and simulator of national High School exam ENEM.

Concursos - Videoaula e Simulado - iOS, Android - FreeOnline video courses aggregator designed to help applicants in exams for government job offers.

ABC Autismo - Android - FreeCollection of games and activities designed to assist the education of children with autism.


Lance a Lance - iOS - FreeNewsfeed and scoreboard of soccer matches of major Brazilian championships.

Pitaco - iOS, Android - FreeSoccer betting and fantasy league network based on Brazilian leagues.


Turma da Galinha Pintadinha- iOS, Android, Windows Phone - FreeOfficial app of the popular Brazilian brand of kid’s products that collects music videos, activities and games.

MPBaby- iOS, Android - FreeCollection of activities, games and videos of popular songs for an infant audience.

PlayKids- iOS, Android - FreeCollection of activities for children with characters from multiple brands and certified for childrens safety.


Letroca - iOS, Android - FreePuzzle game in which users are given a group of letters and a set time to make the highest number of combinations to create words.

Matryoshka! - iOS, Android - FreeEducational puzzle game inspired by the popular russian nesting dolls.

Qranio - iOS, Android - FreeTrivia game that rewards users with real life prizes according to their accumulated points.

Armies & Ants - iOS, Android, Windows Phone - FreeStrategy game where players build their own bases and battle friends online.

Ninjin - iOS - FreeAction game in which players battle endless hordes of enemies while running through multiple environments.

Tank Invaders - iOS, Android, Windows Phone - FreeShooting game inspired by classic action movies.

Phoenix Force - Android, Windows Phone - FreeShooting game where players combat large amounts of enemies while in control of the mythical bird Phoenix.

Magic Rampage- Android - FreeFantasy action game inspired by classic titles of the genre.

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