94+ Brazilian Technology Companies to Watch in 2015

New ideas and solid management give many Brazilian Technology companies a chance to thrive in 2015. In this article, Tech in Brazil lists 94 of these companies that you should keep an eye on this year.

Technology Innovation in Brazil

An enthusiastic workforce and high degree of creativity have been in Brazilian tech companies DNA for decades. While giant sectors of the technology market in Brazil such as IT remain a focus point for companies, a large number of startups have recently been developed in the country, showing a high potential for new ideas.

This type of innovation could lead Brazilian tech companies to great heights in the near future, and it is merely a matter of time before the most promising enterprises start development and achieve success even outside of the country`s boundaries. Whether planted firmly in traditional sectors or working on unthreaded ground, the following list of Brazilian tech companies have great potential for expansion and should be watched closely.


Stefanini: As an IT provider working on a global scale, Stefanini remains one of the largest companies in its sector in Brazil and has recently expanded to new markets such as Romania.

TIVIT: Brazilian IT giant recently acquired Chilean-based competitor Synapsis and started an international expansion plan.

Sambatech: Traditional online video platform has recently begun development in sectors such as long-distance education technology.

Apdata: IT and HR outsourcing company which has quickly expanded in the country and is also expected to grow in foreign markets.

Inmetrics: IT efficiency systems specialist, recently acquired two companies in this sector and is expected to rapidly increase revenue in the coming years.

Stone Age: Well-established analysis systems provider. The company develops multiple technologies including Big Data solutions and recently announced a credit analysis system.

Dclick: Quickly expanding IT solutions provider that develops technology for mobile, outsourcing, UX among others.

PhiSystems: Real-time monitoring systems developer. The company has announced plans to enter markets with large potential such as agribusiness.

MDC: Innovative container data center developer which recently opened a new manufacturing facility and are planning to expand operations significantly.

Sankhya: ERP systems provider that has had solutions adopted by a high number of companies in Brazil and planning to expand in the coming years in markets such as logistics and distribution.

MC1: Corporate mobile solutions provider that acquired competitor Mobile People. Stands as one of the largest companies in this sector with significant potential for expansion.

Sispro: Business management systems provider focused on retail. They expanded in recent years and developed multiple technologies to integrate with proprietary platforms.

BRQ: IT applications giant acquired risk management solutions provider InfoSolutions and continues to maintain a large potential for expansion in multiple markets.

Allen: Established IT distributor that was recently awarded company partner of the year by Microsoft and has expanded to regional markets in the country.

Resource IT: Established IT solution provider that recently announced expansion to new regional markets in the country.

WebRadar: Big Data solutions developer that offers telecom, smart grid and transportation data analytics products. Recently received large investment from foreign funds.

PSafe: Free antivirus software for the Brazilian market, with 30 million installations. The company has received several rounds of investment from foreign funds.

Delivery and Logistics

Loggi: Platform which provides direct contact between clients and deliverers. Has expertise in logistics and has recently received significant investment from an electronics manufacturer giant.

CargoBR: Online platform for delivery companies where users can compare shipping charges. Recently received investment from national fund.

TWx: Warehouse management solutions developer that was recently awarded for creating a robust platform for delivery tracking.

Smart Entrega: Innovative delivery tracking solutions developer that recently released products designed to help increase efficiency and transparency for transportation used by couriers and motoboys in big city centers.

Squid Fácil: Recently established, awarded e-commerce inventory management gateway that provides a system for orders to be operated directly to suppliers without the need to keep large stock.

Intelipost: Logistics API provider that offers platform integration with transporters. Recently received investment from foreign funds.

E2E: E-commerce platform that provides robust solutions including ERP integration. Recently received investment from national funds.

E-commerce, Apps and Portals

Dafiti: Rapidly expanding online clothing retailer received large investment from private funds in recent years and became market leader in Brazil.

Hotel Urbano: One of the most successful startup cases in Brazil. The online travel agency has grown quickly in recent years and received large investment from foreign funds.

GuiaBolso: Personal finance manager that gateways directly to bank networks to display the user’s financial reports. Recently turned into an app.

Bebê Store: Leading online commerce of child products. They recently acquired competitor Baby.com.br, remaining in the top spot for this expanding market.

Netshoes: Brazilian market leader of online sports product retail and has recently received large investment from private funds.

Elo7: Online Handcrafted products store. Recently received large investment from foreign funds.

Tricae: Online child products retailer. Recently opened new purchase channels such as an online app and started investment in its own product brand.

OQVestir: Online clothing retailer that recently received large investment from venture funds.

Mobly: Furniture e-commerce founded in 2011 which has grown quickly in recent years and received large investment from foreign funds.

Wine.com.br: Online wine retailer regarded as the third in the world. Recently acquired an e-commerce technology vendor named Giran.

Hello Food: Web and app food delivery service that has expanded significantly inside of Brazil and in foreign markets in recent years.

Precifica: Innovative smart pricing platform for businesses. Recently received investment from national funds.

Easy Taxi: Taxi booking app that recently became a worldwide business following large investment from foreign funds.

Trampos.co: Job listing platform focused on publicity, media and technology markets that has recently received investment from foreign funds.

Emprego Ligado: Job offer through SMS platform. Recently received investment from foreign funds.

Love Mondays: Online community where users can grade workplaces and share info about positions and salary. Recently received large investment from foreign funds.

ClapMe: Broadcast platform for music concerts where users can watch live shows while able to interact and donate to artists directly.

Tracksale: Application developer rolled out a consumer satisfaction metrics system integrated with e-commerce platforms.

Dextra: Web and mobile applications developer for digital business and has acquired large Brazilian customers in recent years.

Redial: Online portal that handles resale of smartphones from multiple brands and is experiencing success in the country.

Passei Direto: Social media platform for university students with 3 million users in Brazil. The company has received investment from foreign funds.


NearBytes: Highly regarded developer of innovative mobile data transmission technology based on sound waves.

Nubank: Mobile connected credit card and payment monitoring platform. They were the first to receive investment from famous investment fund Sequoia.

Strider: Developer of Innovative solutions for agribusiness, such as a pesticide control and monitoring platform. Recently received investment from national funds

Poup: Platform to find discount coupons and offers. Recently established a partnership with Unicef to allow for cashback to be converted into donations to the institution.

PinMyPet: Pet localization platform for mobile devices that was recently granted investment from national accelerator programs.

Blumpa: House Cleaning service booking platform for web and mobile devices. Has received investment from national funds.

Clickbus: Startup bus ticket purchase platform. Recently received investment from international funds.

Aceitafone: In-app purchase platform designed to accept various payment methods and work on multiple operating systems.

OneTwo: Startup creator of app that links local commerces with consumers, providing data about supplies and discounts.

Navita: Startup focused on mobile management and security solutions. Recently received investment from a global technology giant.

Telein: Corporate mobile network startup developed a system that detects the operators of contact numbers to help users choose what SIM card the call would charge less on.

Uppoints: Startup developed store monitoring platform that tracks consumer behaviour, supply availability metrics and other functions based on video feed.

Meia Bandeirada: Developer of cab sharing application to help users reduce cost of taxi rides.

U.sit: App developer that created a service for clients in busy restaurants not wanting to sit in line and instead receive updates on their cell phones.

Beved: Startup of Online education platform that was recently updated with live classes functionality.

OpinionBox: Online survey platform that employs a self service process of inserting questions and determines target public.

Moblee: Startup creates apps for big events and was recently a partner of the São Paulo Book Bienal.

Meus Pedidos: IT Startup that develops business management for industries, distributors and commercial representatives. Recently partnered with ERP giant Totvs.

Alvanista: Startup developer of a social network for gamers where profiles can be linked with major gaming platforms.

Stant: Developer of remote construction management platform which includes functions like team management, budget and deadline planning.

Tocalivros: Audiobook commerce platform that recently received investment from foreign funds and started operations in the national market.

Smart Moving Systems: Developer of Radio-Frequency Identification-based systems and management platforms.

Wikipass: Mobile apps that allows users to manage multiple social network accounts in a single environment. Recently received investment from foreign funds.

Ziggo: Startup company that handles the life cycle management of used smartphones and tablets of multiple brands.

Brused: Startup focused on the trade in and resale of used Apple products such as iPhones, iPads and iPods.

Intoo: Startup developer of platform for entrepreneurs to apply for bank credit and financing.

ZeroPaper: Project management platform for small companies with a recently released free mobile version.

Contentools: Marketing automation platform with focus on content marketing and content creation. Contentools report to be operating at break-even with 30 employees ahead of their first round of investments.

Voopter: Airline price agreggator startup founded in 2012 that recently received investment from foreign funds.

Game Developers

Duaik: Independent Developer of recent independent game success “Aritana and the Harpy’s Feather”.

Swordtales: Developers of upcoming PC and Playstation 4 game “Toren”. The first to receive funding from Rouanet Law in the country and established partnership with Sony to launch on their new platform.

Aquiris: Developer focused on Unity platform. Produced multiple advergames and recently launched robust competitive Facebook and browser game “Ballistic”.

Mobjoy: Established developer of multiple successful mobile platform games such as the highly successful “Band of Heroes”.

Behold Studios: Independent developer of multiple successful titles such as “Knights of Pen and Paper” and “Chroma Squad”. Recently hired for future projects.

Oktagon Games: Industry veteran developer of award-winning mobile games, with multiple titles planned for release in 2015.


Easyaula: Online video classes platform that recently received large investment from private funds.

Portal Educação: Award winning online education portal that offers multiple types of long distance classes, including real time language teaching and corporate training.

Appprova: Mobile app that helps Brazilian students prepare for important tests like ENEM and OAB.

Energy and Smart Grid

Sinapsis: Smart Grid implementation and measuring solution provider which recently took part in pioneering efforts in the city of Barueri.

V2COM: Manufacturer of the Smart Grid and Advanced Metering Infrastructure which recently partnered with key players to provide know-how for the implementation M2M networks in Smart Grid networks.


Algar: Telecommunications and IT giant which has expanded rapidly in latest years and will be involved in large projects such as the construction of an undersea cable connecting Brazil and Europe.

Movile: Developer of mobile content with key partnerships in the country. Received large investment in recent years and announced plans to expand in Latin America.

Nastek: Manufacturer of Telecom equipment that combine wireless mobile, wi-fi, radio and satellite networks, which partnered with global players to provide network installation in the country.

Zenvia: Corporate SMS system provider and SMS marketing specialist that recently received a large investment from national fund.

Leucotron: Small and Medium-Business telecom provider focused on PABX IP. Started international expansion into the Mexican market.

Horizons Telecom: Business telecom provider that recently started development of fiber optics solutions.

Datora: Brazilian telecom provider recently rebranded its MVNO arm as “Vodafone Brasil” and should expand in the growing M2M market sector.

Industry and Hardware

Positivo: One of the leading hardware manufacturers in the country, the company keeps presenting high growth rates and has plans to expand into international markets in the near future.

Hórus: Manufacturer of image surveillance and aerial drones which recently received investment from the state of Santa Catarina innovation funds.

Padtec: One of the country’s leading optic systems and telecom equipment manufacturer. The company was responsible for the installation of multiple networks during the 2013 Fifa Confederations Cup and has multiple projects ahead.

FIT Networks: Fiber optics specialist. The company should rapidly expand in the country by providing last-mile connection components to operators.

Health Tech and Agritech

Pixeon: Diagnostic Medicine IT provider that recently acquired lab equipment interface provider LabLink. Established as a key player in this sector

Pluricell: Developer of specific human cell types based in induced stem cells focused in health research and drug development.

Promip: Developer of agribusiness solutions complementary to pesticides and genetic modification. Recently received investment from national fund.

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