ANATEL Multimedia Communication Service License

Any Multimedia Communication Service taking place in Brazil is regulated by ANATEL under specific conditions to those interested in offering the service to its subscribers.

In this article, we will show the procedures to obtain the authorization license for Multimedia Communication Services.

The Multimedia Communication Service, also known as SCM in Portuguese, is an authorization provided by ANATEL, for those which want to operate fixed telecommunication services, allowing the capability of transmission, emission and reception of multimedia data, including internet connection. Providers must offer SCM using means only available to subscribers inside their coverage area. However, the authorization for SCM cannot be used in any applications related to broadcasting, paid TV or conditioned access, including providing audio and video simultaneously. Requests for obtaining SCM in Brazil grew 8% in 2014, according to ANATEL.

Any company can apply for the authorization to provide SCM applications, but must comply to the following requirements:

  • The company must be constituted under Brazilian laws, with headquarters and management offices in the country
  • The provider cannot be forbidden to contract services from government entities, nor have been punished in the previous two years regarding permission to provide telecoms services
  • Possess technical and legal qualifications to provide the service, including financial conditions and fiscal compliance

Notice that ANATEL can change these demands and apply restrictions in order to protect the market, ensuring fair competition between companies.

Documents Required for SCM Authorization

The authorization process is handled entirely by ANATEL, located in the city of Brasília. The requirement form, available on this page of the agency website, must be completed and delivered along with the documents related to the company’s legal registration at the local Board of Trade; technical, financial and economic qualifications of the company and tax compliance. You are also required to present the technical specifications of the project containing:

  • Description of the service to be provided, including the expected applications
  • Expected used radiofrequencies, where applicable. The information about the use or non use of radiofrequency must be included
  • Interconnection points, which are any connection between compatible telecommunication networks
  • Expected capacity of the system, regarding the number of channels and bandwidth or transmission rate
  • Location of the main physical points, with information of city and state
  • Illustration of the system project, with the description of the executable functions on each element presented in the diagram

After the authorization is published, you are required to complete the station registration forms available from the ANATEL database. On the Formulário de Solicitação de Autocadastramento de Estações, or Station Autoregistration Requirement Form, you are required to provide your signature and detail the personal information of at least one telecommunication, electronic or electrical engineer, who will be responsible for the system and facilities.

In order to get the proper license to operate, the provider must pay the fees specified by law, which include the service authorization fee of BRL 400 and, when the registration is completed pay the Deployment Supervision Fee, or TFI, of BRL 1,340 for each base station and BRL 26.83 for each terminal station. The operation license is only provided after the confirmation of payment of these fees. When applicable, it is mandatory the payment of the Public Fee for the Use Right of Radiofrequencies, or PPDUR. Also required is an annual payment of other fees, regarding the operation, which are listed below:

  • Operation Supervision Fee, or TFF, which is 33% of TFI
  • Contribution for the Promotion of Public Broadcasting, or CFRP, which is 5% of TFI
  • CONDECINE, Contribution for the Development of the Brazilian Cinema Industry, which is 12% of TFI

Note that TFF and CFRP can be issued on the ANATEL website. CONDECINE can be issued on this page.

It is important to note that all telecommunication equipment used to provide the services, including the transmission systems, must be homologated by ANATEL. Every required document must be signed by a professional accredited by CREA, or the Regional Council of Engineering, Architecture and Agronomy, that has the proper qualifications in the telecommunications field. Any change to the project after the issuing of the Station Operation License must be highlighted to ANATEL by the provider. Also note that the SCM can not be rented for third party use.

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