Mapping Providers and GIS in Brazil

If your business requires complex, updated geographical data from Brazil, it is necessary to contract a map reporting service from a company in the segment of GIS. In this article you are going to learn about some of these companies and how the mapping of Brazil is done.

Geographic Information Systems in Brazil

Considering the size of the Brazilian territory, mapping information can be considered a necessity for companies of many segments, especially for the ones that operate in transportation, construction and extraction. The country is not only large but also presents wide areas covered by vegetation and urban regions where streets are constantly changing.

Historically, Geographic Information Systems in Brazil were restricted to professionals in the areas of cartography, surveying, topography and geography, who mainly worked in public institutions. Brazilian authorities treated mapping as a matter of national security and only a few companies registered with the Armed Forces were able to produce maps.

With satellite mapping and the Global Positioning System, a new era of GIS began as the demand for this data multiplied and the private sector developed a market of geo-referenced and spatial information. Smaller-sized institutions such as departments from medium sized municipalities, also turned into consumers of this material.

Currently GIS information in Brazil is provided by the public and private sectors, and serves as the base for various services that include traffic monitoring and location aggregators. In Brazil there are geoprocessing poles in São Paulo, São José dos Campos, Curitiba, Belo Horizonte, Recife, João Pessoa, Florianópolis and Rio de Janeiro. These are cities that hold one or more major structures such as training centers for research and production of geographic material.

Government Mapping Data Providers

Currently, a number of governmental institutions are responsible for providing map and cartography data in Brazil. This is the case of DNIT, or the National Department for Infrastructure and Transportation, which compiles comprehensive data on the country’s roads and highways, and IBGE, the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics, which regularly updates its information about the cartography of the country’s territory.

The Amazon Continuous Digital Cartography Base, a project established as a partnership between IBGE and the Brazilian armed forces, provides updated information on the Amazon region, which is openly available on their website. Additionally, the Chico Mendes Biodiversity Conservation Institute, affiliated with the Brazilian Ministry of Environment, provides regular updated information on the country’s environmental conservation areas.

Mapping Companies in Brazil

A number of Brazilian companies in the GIS segment have focused their operations on offering real-time feeds of traffic information, terrain mapping and other geolocation services, which cover most of the Brazilian territory.


Geolocation platform provider MapLink has been operating in the Brazilian market providing traffic information since 2000. As part of the LBS Local group, which includes locations aggregator Apontador, the company currently provides services such as customized mapping solutions, real-time traffic information for the largest Brazilian cities, geolocation API’s and is also a partner of Google in the offering of their Maps platform for businesses in Latin America.

MapLink has over 500 clients, including 10 large corporations in Brazil and has also expanded to countries like Argentina, Mexico, Chile and Colombia. The company has launched an app in which real-time information about traffic and locations in Brazil can be found and recently announced plans to expand in the segment of logistics.


Cartography engineering company Engemap was founded in 1997 after the merger of numerous companies in this segment and is currently headquartered in the city of São Paulo. Some of their services include precision mapping for small territories, satellite image catalogues, aerial high definition imaging, detailed printable maps and software for geoprocessing and integration of topography data with project management. With over one hundred employees and three aircrafts designed for aerial imaging, the company has established partnership with Petrobrás and the Government of Santa Catarina state.


GIS solutions provider Geograph was founded in 1992 and is also located in São Paulo. The company specializes in providing software for route optimization, geomarketing analysis, and real-time resource tracking and scheduling. Geograph additionally offers consulting services for clients of their proprietary software solutions.


Geospatial database provider Digibase have their head office located in São Paulo and were founded in 1998. The company provides imaging from six orbiting satellites, digital maps from multiple sources that include real time traffic information and digital terrain elevation models with worldwide coverage. Aside from maps and cartography information for determinate regions, the company also offers customized solutions for businesses.

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