Most Popular Video Outlets in Brazil

Brazilians regularly watch lots of online videos, which presents an opportunity for advertisers. In this article we will look at the status of online video consumption in Brazil and list the largest video outlets in the country.

Brazilian Online Video Consumption

According to market data provider ComScore, Brazil not only has the largest audience for online videos in Latin America, at over 75 million unique viewers, but this type of media also has a reach of 87% to the online audience, a rate that exceeds those found in countries of the same region. Their research also highlights the biggest global players in online videos, YouTube and Facebook, as the most popular video outlets for Brazil. Both of these platforms gather the largest share of video views in the country and are followed by video platforms from portals Globo and UOL.

The increased consumption of online videos can be a correlating factor to the recent shift of internet usage in the country. According to Abranet, the Brazilian Internet Service Provider Association, the peak of internet usage in the country shifted from afternoons to evenings in 2013, an indication of the heavy consumption of online media content by Brazilian users at home. A list of the types of content that generate the most interest to the country’s audience can be found on YouTube’s 2014 rank of the most accessed videos and channels in Brazil. Comedy videos, viral videos and music clips were found to be the most popular in the country, while comedy, entertainment and gaming channels gathered the most subscriptions.

Reaching the Brazilian audience effectively through video form requires advertisers to created relevant, engaging content and, perhaps more importantly, present it at the right times. This is especially true in the case of mobile devices. Close to 60% of smartphone users in Brazil watch videos on their devices, according to a research by Nielsen. Considering the mobility and engagement of mobile users, these platforms present another significant, if challenging, opportunity to reach the country’s audience.

Video Outlets and Advertising Platforms

Data from Q1/2014 Comscore indicates that the largest video online video outlets in Brazil are comprised not only of global leaders in this segment but also proprietary platforms from local portals. A common offer from Brazilian portals is to bundle in-video advertising with banners placed around the video display as a premium advertisement service. The largest video outlets in the country offer videos for free, not requiring any type of subscriptions or paid access to their content.


Google’s video platform has a 52.4% market share of views in the Brazilian market, with over 62 million unique users per month. This makes the platform the largest video outlet in Brazil, with over 90% reach of the country’s internet audience, and also the most viable way to reach the country’s public through video content, considering its leading spot on both desktop and mobile devices.

YouTube’s role as a distributor of content from music video platforms and channel networks also help these outlets garner significant attention from the country’s public. Music video service Vevo, for example, has over 16 million unique viewers per month in Brazil and a total share of 3.1% of the content watched in the country, while channel network Maker Studios receives 17 million unique Brazilian viewers per month.

The platform’s advertising services include banners, sponsored links and short videos capable of being played at the start, middle or end of the content. Advertisers are also able to segment audience and track performance of ads through Google Analytics.


The social network with the largest number of users in Brazil is also one of the leaders of video playback in the country, with a market share of 8.5%, 39 million unique users per month and an average of 23.2 videos watched per viewer.

Facebook’s video advertising solutions are comprised of short auto-played videos displayed on the user’s timelines, a feature that guarantees brand visibility to the network’s 89 million and heavily engaged Brazilian users.


The video platform from one of the largest portals in Brazil, Globo, has a 5.5% market share in Brazil, with 19 million unique users per month and an average of 30 videos watched per viewer.

The platform’s advertising options include both short videos played at the start of the content chosen by users and rich media floating ads and banners displayed on the portal’s web pages.


The online video service from another large portal in the Brazilian market, Uol, has 11 million unique viewers per month and displays an average of 7.9 videos per viewer.

Uol’s advertising solutions include video banners placed on the portal’s web pages and short videos pre and post roll videos.

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