Certification of Power Banks in Brazil

Power banks consumption became very popular among smartphone users as a consequence of an increase in mobile phones penetration in Brazil over the last few years.

This type of product, which is an external battery charger, is not directly involved in the telecommunications capability of the device, requires Anatel homologation. In this article we will state what criterias are evaluated by the agency in order to obtain the homologation of this type of battery.

In 2007, Anatel published standards used to certify rechargeable portable lithium batteries and chargers for mobile phones. The norms used in Brazil are based upon a combination of the international standards IEC 61960/IEC 62133, local regulation for homologations set by Anatel, and CONAMA’s regulation for proper disposal of used batteries. CONAMA, short for National Environment Council, is responsible for setting procedures for collection, reusing, recycling, treatment and disposal of batteries.

Technical Requirements for Certification of Power Banks in Brazil

In order to receive Anatel homologation, there are basically three groups of tests that the battery needs to pass in order to be compliant with local regulations. The first group is concerning tests related to the capacity, resistance and durability of the power bank. The second is regarding safety and resistance of the battery against ignition, explosions or leakage. The last group is related to the electromagnetic compatibility and safety during the actual usage of the power bank as a mobile phone charger.

For each battery model, Anatel requires testing of 54 samples in total. Each of the tests demands a certain quantity of samples and each of the samples will be tested individually.

Capacity, Durability and Internal Resistance Tests

These tests are focused on the charging and discharging of the power banks and on the retention of the charge over a period of time. The samples will be submitted to the following laboratory tests in order to verify if they meet local standards:

  • Capacity of the battery under a high current discharge operation
  • Retention of charge over a period of 28 days
  • Recovery capacity after the retention of charge test
  • Recovery capacity after the storage over a period of 90 days
  • Durability over 300 cycles of charging/discharging

In addition to the real capacity tests described above, the power banks are also subject to testing consisting of :

  • Internal resistance
  • Electrostatic discharge with the application of 4 kV and 8 kV

Anatel may accept some of the technical tests performed abroad for a few of the items listed under this category, but it is important to submit all the documentation to the OCD for further analysis and approval.

Safety and Resistances Tests

In addition to the tests performed to certify the charging and discharging functions of the battery under different conditions, Anatel also requires batteries to go through testing to ensure that the power banks can endure different stress tests regarding temperature variations, short circuiting, overcharging, etc.

The tests requested by Anatel are:

  • Charging the batteries for a prolonged period of time, 28 days, without presenting any leakage of electrolyte, ignition or explosion
  • Stress test to temperatures of 70ºC during a period of time of 7 hours
  • Resistance to variation of temperature, ranging from -20ºC to 75ºC without presenting any leakage of electrolyte, ignition or explosions
  • Withstand an external short circuit for a period of 24 hours
  • Resistance to falls of a height of 1 meter without igniting or exploding
  • Withstand extreme temperatures of up to 130ºC, without igniting or exploding
  • Withstand overcharge without igniting or exploding

Electromagnetic Compatibility and Usage Tests

These tests are related to verifying if the power banks, when functioning as a mobile phone charger, will not cause electromagnetic interference with other equipment, devices or systems. These tests will also ensure that the mobile phone, while being charged with the power bank is safe to be used, and that both the power bank and the phone will not overheat.

The Anatel homologation applicant must specify which models of mobile phone are compatible with which model of power bank. After the performance tests, the laboratory must execute tests proving that the power bank is suitable for the devices previously listed.

Homologation of Power Banks

As with any other homologation process with Anatel, the certification of power banks must be requested by the manufacturer or importer of the product to Brazil. The homologation process is conducted by an OCD, which is appointed by Anatel to carry out this process. The OCD will determine what tests are necessary for the product, and after the tests are carried out successfully, to issue the certificate of conformity, which serve as a base for Anatel to issue the homologation of product.

After the product receives the homologation, the manufacturer receives an Anatel stamp which will be used to identify the product and must be placed in a visible fashion. The seal must contain the number of homologation, identification and Anatel logo. For power banks, batteries and AC/DC chargers, the Anatel seal must produce by the Casa da Moeda do Brasil, which is the same company that produces banknotes and coins.

To get your power bank homologated to be commercialised in Brazil it is necessary to contact an OCD, an independent organisation appointed by Anatel to carry out the certification processes. Master Certificações is one of the most renowned OCDs in Brazil, managing homologations of all types of telecommunication products and batteries with Anatel.

Master Certificações will be able to review your product specification and provide you with the professional guidance you need in order to make your product comply with the local regulations and spare you time and costs when homologating your product in Brazil.

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