Affiliate Platforms in Brazil

Affiliate marketing is a simple way for a business to draw more viewers or customers to their website with a rewarding and highly profitable system. In this article we will list the main affiliate platforms in Brazil.

E-commerce in Brazil reached BRL 35.8 billion in revenue in 2014, an overall growth of 24% compared to the previous year. Forecasts point to an increase of 20% in sales in 2015, totalling BRL 43 billion. Currently, Brazil has about 61.6 million online consumers.

The affiliate market is responsible for only 5% of profits in e-commerce in Brazil, while in the United States it reaches 23%. According to web shopping evaluation service E-bit, a great challenge for the affiliate market is the segment of mobile commerce, which already represents 9.4% of online shopping in Brazil even though this marketing platform is not yet fully prepared to take on the challenges of this segment.

According to specialists, online marketing in Brazil is still underdeveloped when compared to other territories. Brazilian websites, for example, should provide a better experience for users, and deliver better storytelling for improved involvement and communication.

Digital marketing is one of the most important topics that online businesses must consider in order to guarantee relevance among readers and consumers. A good and fast way to increase income is affiliate marketing. This method is based on a model of sales profit sharing between the company and third parties, or the affiliates. Usually, the main core players are the brand, the network, the publisher and the customer.

Main Affiliate Platforms

The Brazilian online market is already one of the largest in the world, even with the need of some developments. In order to help brands to gain relevance and customers, affiliate programs are rising as a solution for better results and profit. We have selected the main platforms that serve clients from most ranges in Brazil, offering management of campaigns and marketing plans according to their necessities.


NetAffiliation is part of the Kwanko group. Created in 2003, the company is one of the biggest in Europe and it is present in several countries across the world. The company offers multiple types of platforms for targeting performance in web and mobile environments.

NetAffiliation has more than 170 thousand affiliated websites which include Walmart, L’oréal, Trivago, The Body Shop and Affiliates can choose among the commission options of cost per action, cost per click, cost per lead and cost per mile. The tracking is done by a personalized fingerprint technology, based on digital signature. The platform offers support for display, emailing and other formats communication.


The company was created in 2008 in Brazil and stands among some of the most relevant for this market in the country. Their services are focused on marketing performance in leads, sales and brand visibility. Afilio is currently present in other countries and has a client base that includes TAM, iTunes, UOL, Netshoes and FastShop.

The company works with different commercial models, which include cost per mile, cost per click, cost per action, cost per lead, cost per email sent and cost per installation. The payment is usually made after the campaign is over and has brand approval. Affilio also uses a proprietary and exclusive tracking system, that is compatible with all ad formats. The platform offers different channels for the campaign such as emailing, display ads, pop under, etc.


Part of the Buscapé Company, Lomadee offers multiple tools for online marketing and has years of experience in this segment. The platform provider was created in 2009 and joined the Buscapé Affiliate Program and Bondfaro Brasil. In 2011, Lomadee had about 70 thousand affiliates including Dafiti, Submarino, and

Lomadee works with different formats in order to better accommodate the publisher business model. Clients can choose from cost per mile, cost per click, cost per doubleclick, cost per action, cost per sales, cost per lead and cost per download. Brands must be approved by Lomadee, which offers tailored ads for them.


zanox is among the most important performance marketing companies in Europe, as a partner of companies Affiliate Window and eprofessional it gathers more than 4,300 publishers. The group, founded in 2000, has its headquarters in Berlin and worldwide offices, including in Brazil. They have clients such as Netshoes,, ASOS and Hotel Urbano.

zanox offers a wide range of services such as affiliate marketing, performance display, developers tools and affiliation campaigns, matching personalized settings in order to bring relevant results to the brand. Their platforms use the ID, cookie and fingerprint tracking, that uses an ID based on a digital signature, in order to gain reliability and security from data collection. Cookie tracking duration can be set to a maximum of 90 days.

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