Online Advertising Publications in Brazil

A number of media outlets in Brazil represent the most relevant periodicals covering the segment of online advertising. In this article we will list the largest online advertising journals in Brazil.

Brazilian Market for Online Advertising and Specialized Outlets

The online advertising segment has displayed substantial growth in Brazil over the last few years. This is partly due to the rapid adoption of internet access by the population during this period and the increasing efficiency and accuracy with which these methods of publicity are capable of reaching the country’s audience, factors that add up to the combined value of digital advertising.

According to research by market intelligence provider ComScore, online advertising revenue in Brazil is expected to display a yearly growth rate of 14% and reach BRL 9.5 billion by 2015. Although in expansion, this segment still pales in comparison to other medias, such as free-to-air and paid TV, and newspapers. Statistics from market data provider Ibope indicate that investment in online advertising in Brazil accounted for only 4% of total expenditures in publicity during 2014, compared to the 28% spent in the United States during the same year.

The medium of online advertising is currently one of the most covered by the largest media outlets specialized in publicity in Brazil, due to the opportunities and innovation for this segment. The size of the online advertising market, however, when compared to other established mediums like TV and newspapers, can perhaps be pointed to as a reason for there to be a minimal number of outlets focused solely on this segment. Most of the content regarding the online advertising segment in Brazil can be found in the largest outlets who cover the publicity sector, which are available in physical formats as well as on websites.


ProXXIma, a trimestral magazine part of the Meio e Mensagem group, is focused on the coverage of online advertising, offering news and reports separated in the sections of mobile, social, business and ad creation. The magazine is also offered in a format optimized for tablets, while their website is frequently updated with content such as research covering online advertising and columns from notorious professionals in this segment. ProXXIma is also the organizer of one of the largest yearly events in Latin America covering digital marketing, which is named after the journal itself.

Mundo do Marketing

The website Mundo do Marketing, launched in 2006, provides news coverage from various segments of marketing, with a special section covering online advertising. In most cases, what is published on the website are the most recent publicity campaigns launched in Brazil, while there are also reports on the country’s market in general. Mundo do Marketing also reserves some of its content, such as videos and market research releases, to paid subscribers.

Prop Mark

Weekly magazine Prop Mark, a journal widely known by Brazilian professionals in the sector of communications, provides news coverage for the segments of publicity and marketing. The section dedicated to digital communications publishes reports on the Brazilian companies in this segment as well as research results and global trends for online advertising. Prop Mark magazine also operates a Youtube channel and is available in a format optimized for tablets.

Other Outlets

Content regarding online advertising can be found in some of the largest Brazilian outlets covering the sector of business, which is the case of magazine Exame. There are also a number of popular websites dedicated to the coverage of the publicity sector that do not provide a section for online advertising yet eventually publish content related to this segment, like Adnews and Blue Bus. Some of the most popular blogs in Brazil, such as Brainstorm 9 and Hypeness commonly publish content related to the online advertising segment, mostly in the shape of reports of notable publicity campaigns.

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