Online Text Advertising in Brazil

Online Text Advertising on Brazilian web sites can be a very effective way to reach and engage customers. In this article we will highlight the options for sponsored links in Brazil.

Search Engines and Sponsored Links

Online text advertising is the main online product used by the Brazilian online advertising sector, receiving BRL 3.7 billion out of the BRL 5.7 billion online advertising budget in 2013. While search engines like Google are the most sought after in the Brazilian online advertising market, other options such as Yahoo and Bing, can provide alternative solutions and more competitive prices.

Google Adwords

The most commonly used search engine in the world is also a dominant force in the Brazilian Search Engine Marketing sector. Over 96% of all web searches in Brazil are performed in the engine, and its Adwords publicity platform is considered the main service for online text advertisements in Brazil. Their search engine and publicity platforms are also incorporated into the most accessed content portals in the country, such as UOL, and IG.

One of the biggest drawbacks of the platform, however, comes from its popularity. Even though the services allows for deep customization of campaign strategies, the price per click can reach high thresholds. Most companies in Brazil interested in using online text advertisements in their search engine marketing strategy already make use of Google`s platform, which significantly raises the level of competition, and auction price, to place links of commonly used terms in prime locations.

Yahoo Bing Network

The country`s second most used search engine, with a 2.3% market share, Yahoo Bing Network can provide a complementary strategy for search engine marketing in Brazil, as they are able to reach parts of the public not available on Google`s engine. Yahoo is also the search engine that powers one of the most accessed portals in Brazil. and its affiliate sites combined make for more than 47 million unique daily visitors, which generates a large amount of traffic directed to its search engine.

Their sponsored links structure is comparable to Google’s Adwords platform, down to link location, number of characters available for description and pricing structure. Even though the audience for these engines can be a fraction of what is found on Google`s, the price per click of sponsored links and rate of display can be much more appealing due to less competition of advertisers.

Uol Cliques

The most accessed content portal in Brazil with over 33 million unique users per month, Uol, offers a sponsored links platform called Uol Cliques that serves ads to their own and affiliate websites.

Their pricing structure is also based on cost per click and can have some of the most competitive pricing in the Brazilian online publicity sector.

Classifieds Markets and Price Comparison Services

The largest classifieds markets and price comparison services in Brazil offer platforms to provide great visibility to engaged customers.

Mercado Livre

The largest online classifieds market in Brazil, with more than 24 million unique visitors per month, incorporates a sponsored links section in its search engine results called Mercado Livre Ads, which can direct customers to products or content outside of its marketplace.

Mercado Livre is the most accessed shopping website in Brazil and also the one with the highest viewer engagement, to the point that its relatively affordable search results ads can be an attractive offer for Brazilian advertisers.


One of the most accessed shopping websites in the country and the single largest price comparison service in Brazil, Buscapé offers sponsored placement on product comparison pages.

As a significant portion of Brazilian customers use price comparison extensively before making a purchase, services like Buscapé can generate great visibility to the country’s market.

Social Networks

Brazilians are known for spending incredible amounts of time on social networks, which makes them a natural place to seek visibility for products and brands. The options to market aimed at specific groups divided by age, gender and location also makes them an appealing option for advertisers.


Recent reports suggest Facebook makes up 97% of all time spent on social networks in Brazil. Ever since the introduction of advertising content, the social network became one of the main online advertising platforms in the country, displaying over 583 million ads to its Brazilian audience in 2013 alone.

Text advertising on their pages can direct customers to content outside of the Facebook network or be used to promote social profile pages, while also providing customization options regarding target audience profiles, like genders, age and locations.


The second most used social network in Brazil, Linkedin also offers an advertising platform which can be customized to reach specific individual profiles.

The focus on businesses makes it an ideal platform to advertise services and products for this sector in Brazil.


Google's video sharing network is also where a significant portion of Brazilian web users spend their time in particularly young individuals. Youtube is by far the most watched video platform in Brazil, with over 62 million unique users per month.

The search engine`s TrueView platform includes options to place online text advertising for video content in search results, at the related content list at the side of the video or at the end of the video display.

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