Cross-Device Retargeting in Brazil

The Brazilian population are using more devices to connect to the internet than ever before, and this should present an opportunity for advertisers to reach the county’s audience.

In this article we will outline the use of multiple devices in the country and how advertisers can use this data to reach viewers across multiple platforms.

Device Ownership and Internet Connections in Brazil

The use of multiple online devices has recently become a trend amongst the Brazilian population. Research conducted in 2013 by the Brazilian Center of Studies on Information and Communication Technologies, or CETIC, indicated that 27% of Brazilian households with computers owned multiple devices of different types, including desktops, notebooks and tablets.

The recent surge in sales of smartphones and tablets are seeing the connection to the internet to be more divided between PC’s and mobile devices than previously. Recent published data by IDC Latin America shows that sales of PC’s in the Brazilian market have decreased by 25% between Q3/2013 to Q3/2014, while reports by Gartner point to a 20% increase in the sales of smartphone during the same period.

The number of mobile broadband internet subscriptions is also seeing a continual rise in the country, currently reaching over 138 million accesses per month, while fixed broadband connections are measured at 23 million according to Anatel, the Brazilian Telecommunications Agency.

These statistics show that the Brazilian public is increasingly using multiple devices to connect to the internet, and most likely in multiple locations. Such scenarios present both challenges and opportunities for advertisers to reach viewers using cross-device retargeting techniques, displaying the most relevant content at specific occasions and efficiently.

Connection and Purchases per Device

Further insights into the usage of connected devices by Brazilians can be found in a report published recently by market analyst ComScore and a survey by communication agency AG2 Publicis regarding smartphone trends. Their data not only highlights the use of multiple devices in the country but also details what time of day and situations they’re most commonly used.

Internet Connection Per Location and Time of Day

According to AG2 Publicis, 70% of smartphone owners use the devices in bed, while 63% use their devices less than one minute after they wake up. Smartphones are also frequently used when travelling on public transport, considering 48% of surveyed owners use them on buses.

At work, the preference shifts to personal computers, with 35% of the Brazilian audience using desktops and laptops in workplaces, compared to 29% that use the internet through mobile devices according to data by Comscore. Their research also indicates that 38% of Brazilian internet users connect through mobile devices in restaurants and cafes.

Purchases per Device

ComScore research also presents insights about which devices are used to make purchases in Brazil. According to their surveys, 87% of Brazilian internet users have shopped online using computers or laptops, while 27% have shopped using smartphones and 32% made purchases using tablets.

The overall preference to make purchases using personal computers should lead internet advertisers to consider these platforms as the primary medium in which users are converted. However, keep in mind that these platforms are not always the primary method to connect to the internet during the daily lives of Brazilian users.

An effective strategy to engage this public would be to retarget the same users throughout the various devices used during the day and maintain a brand relationship until their landing on a device primarily used to make purchases, which is the case of PC`s.

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